Foldables: Samsung plans to succeed the Galaxy Fold, Mate X is being moved

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Foldables: Samsung plans to succeed the Galaxy Fold, Mate X is being moved

Until the final launch of the Galaxy Fold it is, hopefully, not much longer. Samsung is already working on other foldables, patents have recently been published. Huawei's Mate X, on the other hand, will not arrive until November at the earliest.

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3D interpretation of the patent of Samsung | (c) LetsGoDigital


(c) LetsGoDigital

Who necessarily already one now Foldable wants to hold in his hands, who currently has to make do with the Royole FlexPai. For now, neither Samsung nor Huawei have been able to bring their long-announced folding smartphones on the market. At least at Galaxy Fold It could soon be so far, according to official information, the release is set in September. Now all teething problems should be eradicated so that the mess does not repeat itself from the first launch. Probably the smartphone in the final version can be seen at the IFA in Berlin. The Huawei Mate X, on the other hand, seems to have more problems, which is why the launch of the foldable was pushed into November, as the colleagues of TechRadar should have learned. Again, September was targeted as the launch period.

Huawei and Samsung continue to work on foldables

This is to be worked on the successor of the Mate X, which could be equipped with even more screens. For the steel backside should be replaced by glass, as is currently common in high-end smartphones. So could on the back one Touch display to be installed. However, Huawei's engineers still face structural problems here, so far the back has to be made of stainless steel to give the phone enough stability.

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3D interpretation of the patent of Samsung | (c) LetsGoDigital

Samsung is also thinking of more screen space, at least according to a newly emerged patent. This is a foldable, which can be folded in two places, similar to a patent from LG, which we reported yesterday. Whether there will eventually be a smartphone in this design, however, is unclear. Previously, some technical hurdles would have to be overcome, especially the position of the various cameras could still cause some headaches. To give an idea of ​​the device, LetsGoDigital has created 3D render images based on the patents, which can be seen in the article.

Source: LetsGoDigital, Techradar

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