For this reason you CANNOT add or your contacts do not appear in WhatsApp

by Kelvin
Por esta razón NO puedes agregar o no aparecen tus contactos en WhatsApp

If you CANNOT add contacts to WhatsApp or they are not available in the application, you may be entering them incorrectly. You may also need to check a couple of settings on the phone.

To add a contact to WhatsApp first save it in the phone book. The application checks that calendar and if the contact you added has WhatsApp and is correctly added, it will appear without problems in your contact list.


If you do not see your contact, remember that it should not be hidden in the calendar or in the "Contacts" application of your Android.

How to add a contact to WhatsApp correctly

For this reason you CANNOT add or your contacts do not appear in WhatsApp 1

  1. Save the contact in the "Contacts" application on your cell phone.
  2. If it is a number from your country, keep it in the same format you would use to call it.
  3. Open the WhatsApp application and Touchez on the «Chats» block
  4. Touch the "New chat" button.
  5. Finally, on the screen that appears, touch the menu button and click on "Update"

If, despite the fact, WhatsApp does not detect the contact, save it in international format as follows.

Add international numbers

If the phone number is from another country, save it using the international format, like this:

+ (Country code) (Phone number)

add whatsapp contact if it doesn't appear

  • If there is a zero at the beginning of (Telephone number) do not put it.
  • Remember that you must use the + symbol (the double zero 00 used for international calls is not used here. WhatsApp will not recognize the contact if you save it like this).
  • WhatsApp offers examples of how to enter a contact from another country.

If you still cannot add contacts to WhatsApp

If you saved the contact correctly and it still does not appear, consider the following.

Update contacts

After adding the contact to the mobile phone book, update the contacts in WhatsApp. I insist on this because it is a typical oversight. In the CHATS window, use the "New Chat" option and in the contact list, Touchez on "Update" from the menu button (see the illustration above).

Does the contact have WhatsApp?

The contact you add must have the WhatsApp application installed on your mobile to be visible in your contact list.

Contacts hidden in the phonebook

Make sure the contact is visible when you open the "Contacts" application on the cell phone. If you don't see it, you probably hid it. Be sure to uncover it so WhatsApp sees it and can appear available.

WhatsApp permissions

For this reason you CANNOT add or your contacts do not appear in WhatsApp 2

The application needs permission to access contacts. If you do not see any contacts in the application or contact names do not appear, this permission is probably disabled.

You should go to the Android settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Permissions (or Access). There, verify that the "Contacts" option is activated.

I can't add a contact to a WhatsApp group

If you added it correctly as indicated above, then the process is easy. Go to the group screen, open the menu, Touchez Group info> Add participant and select it from the contacts list. If you don't see it, you may have missed something I said before.

Source: Whatsapp

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