Forbidden to fly with a MacBook Pro 15 "in the US

by Kelvin
Forbidden to fly with a MacBook Pro 15 "in the US 1

Surely many will remember the famous controversy with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its risk to explode after seeing several cases around the world in which these teams caught fire. The stir was such that the company had to withdraw the device from the market. Well now to Apple something similar is happening with some 15-inch MacBook Pro, as we told you several weeks ago. Here we tell you a new security measure for these cases.

In the United States you can no longer fly with a 15-inch MacBook Pro

The models of 15-inch MacBook Pro released in 2015 They are going through a controversy that, as we said, is not being very loud but that certainly does not stop being worrying. There have been a few cases of these burning equipment, but they have been sufficient for Apple give the alarm and have begun to replace batteries in these equipment because many of them carried some defective.



The Federal Aviation Administration of U.S, known by its acronym in English FAA, has confirmed to Bloomberg recently that they have taken a security measure to prevent possible risks that these MacBook Pro may suffer a fire in airplanes. North American companies are already informed and those teams of these characteristics will not be allowed.

The airline TUI Group Airlines also confirmed this measure and reported that its employees were already aware of it so as not to allow its passengers to carry such computers on board their planes. The fact is that this airline also has a headquarters in the United Kingdom and therefore it remains to be seen if it also takes these measures to this country.

For the moment in Europe and the rest of the world Nothing is known about a similar ban, although it would not be surprising that it could soon occur. While we insist that there have not been too many cases that we have seen a MacBook Pro 2015 on fire, the truth is that prevention is the best of medicines. So it is preferable to take this series of measures rather than regret some kind of physical or material damage on a large scale.

We will continue to inform about this type of news if it is the case that it extends to any country other than the United States. We also remember that if you have one of these laptops you can contact Apple to verify if your equipment is within the potentially dangerous and should be repaired to avoid damage.

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