Forget Voice Messages on WhatsApp: Turn them into Text

by Kelvin
Forget Voice Messages on WhatsApp: Turn them into Text

You may not be a great lover of voice messages that arrive in Whatsapp, the messaging application currently used by more people worldwide. If this is your case, there is a way to convert them to text quite simply and with greater precision than expected.

The truth is that for many it is most comfortable to use voice messages, since among other things it takes less to indicate what you want to communicate and, even, it is possible that the other person knows exactly how things are commented recognizing tones when speaking (something that sometimes with the text is complicated no matter how much emojis and stickers are used). But not everything is perfect, since when using voice messages it is possible that third parties find out what is being talked about and, even, the time that is sometimes required is longer than when reading, since more than one when speaking loses the thread a little.


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The case is that by default in WhatsApp a tool is not included that allows to do this, which would not hurt if it existed. Therefore, there is no other option but to resort to the work of others developers who have thought about this possibility and that, luckily, they offer the possibility of getting the application in question without having to pay anything for it: we talk about Voicepop.

Options for use in Voicepop for WhatsApp

This is Voicepop, a great tool for WhatsApp

This job is compatible with both the operating system iOS from Apple like in Google Android, so almost all of the devices on the market can use it. The download is very simple, since you can access the corresponding links (we have left them before) in the official app stores of each version and, therefore, everything is safe and reliable. By the way, Voicepop is compatible with other applications of messaging apart from WhatsApp, such as Line or Signal – also Telegram, but for now only for the work of Apple since in Android this option is not present … but it will be shortly).

One of the great advantages of this development is that its use is really intuitive, since it integrates perfectly into the operating system. So, simply with choose voice message to be converted, you simply have to select the option share and among the options that appear in the terminal you have to choose Voicepop, At this time this development asks for the language to which you want to “translate” (there is compatibility with more than 120 at the moment) and then you have to wait that the process that can be several batches be completed since it is possible to send several WhatsApp messages.

It is important to know that, for the moment, the application we are talking about is only able to work with messages from two minutes or less, but the usual thing is that all those who receive do not last much longer. By the way, in the tests we have done, the reliability is high. We are not facing a perfect job, but it can be said that more than 90% of what is generally spoken is recognized (yes, phrases made or clicks are not taken into account).

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Voicepop is a very secure application

Before finalizing, it is important to indicate that the conversion process is done in the cloud, so it is necessary to have access to the Internet to complete the "translations". This is logical, and that otherwise Voicepop would take up a lot of space. If they have doubts about privacy, the company ensures that no human has access to the data or participates in the work that is being carried out. The truth is that with the results we have obtained, worth it Give this development a chance, especially if you don't like the voice massages that come through WhatsApp.

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