Fortnite 14 Challenge Day and Summer Prize

by Kelvin
Fortnite 14 Challenge Day and Summer Prize

Here is our complete guide Fortnite 14 LTM Summer Day, which includes start dates, times, awards and more.

Than Fortnite The event 14 Summer Day I'm alive now, which means there is a new way to participate and a new gift item to get. In this guide for new events, we will discuss Fortnite The Challenge 14 Summer Day revealed so far, rotating modes and more.


Fortnite 14 Summer Challenge Day

Now two Fortnite 14 The Summer Challenge Day has been revealed. You can find links to all of our personal guidelines that address various challenges, below.

Than Fortnite Event 14 Summer day begins June 25. The | Epic game

Fortnite 14 LTM Summer Day

Every day for Fortnite In Fashion 14 Summer Day, there will be an old LTM reintroduced for just 24 hours. Below, we'll describe all of the modes Epic has revealed to be returning to the game at some point during the event. 14 Summer day.

  • Heavy Metal Forces: You can only get weapons with "weight" in their name during this LTM, and the speed of the storm increases.
  • Storm Chasers: Surfin 'Squads – You must try to stay afloat in the vehicle during this game, where impulses will periodically give you new weapons and ammunition.
  • Splashdown Troops – Eliminate opponents with new Air Balloon items to reach the score limit and win in this mode.
  • Power Up Solo: Your maximum shield increases every time you consume a shield, and you must have the largest shield at the end of the game to win.
  • Do not leave anything behind the duos: you must always recover your teammates if you want to win this mode, since if they fell, you will start to lose health.
  • Use With Care Duos – This mode starts you off with building materials, but you can't pick them up again during a game.
  • Headshot Duos: All shotguns are released this way, and you can only deal damage with headshots.
  • Tank Battle Squads – This simple mode greatly increases the amount of health and shield that all players initiate, but no healing items are available.
  • Builders Paradise Squads – Health structure and resource gathering level are greatly increased during this mode.
  • Wick's Bounty Duos – Eliminate other players to collect coins and achieve total victories for this LTM.
  • Arsenal Alone – You start this off with some of the best weapons in the game, but eliminating opponents reduces your weaponry.
  • Rumble Forces: Released is activated, is guaranteed an unusual or better weapon, and the first team to score the goal wins.
  • Charge Exchange Squadrons – All players receive the same random charge each time the timer ends in this LTM, and the respawn is activated.
  • Structural structural structures: The health of the metallic and rocky structures improves enormously, as does the level of agricultural resources for both materials.

If more Fortnite content you want, then you've come to the right place. You can continue with our Fortnie general tips page or with us in depth. Fortnite The best weapon guide for more. There is also ours Fortnite The Rune location page as well as our best guide ranking Fortnite Leather is currently offered.

Fortnite 14 Challenge Day and Summer Prize 1

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