Fortnite care patches solve editing problems, ziplines and more


Although there was no content update this week, Epic Games quietly removed maintenance patches to resolve some bugs and bugs in the game.

We didn't expect anything big from Fortnite this week, because game updates that have the potential to change v11.50 are likely to come next week. However, the developers have just released a small patch to overcome some keys "Known issues"


We have released maintenance patches for all platforms that address various known issues.

For known issues addressed, check out our Trello card:

– Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) January 29, 2020

Ziplines in particular have returned to the map and some annoying editing bugs have been fixed. You should now be able to edit while looking down and no longer accidentally edit another part through your floor piece. They also confirmed that issues involving accidentally confronting teammates who hit while trying to switch their ax will be addressed in an upcoming release.

The complete list of solutions is as follows:


The clothing in the target set has a number in front, not behind.

Problems that involve difficulty navigating / selecting Friends from the Social menu will be resolved in a future release.

Battle royale

The ziplines were temporarily disabled due to a problem. (PLEASE READ.)

You cannot edit the structure when looking down.

Accidentally edit construction pieces across the floor.

Problems related to taking DBNO teammates when trying to switch to Pickax will be resolved in a future release.


Particles and beacons can no longer be customized / interacted. (PLEASE READ.)

Some iconic islands have no in-game description. (PLEASE READ.)

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