Fortnite: Dancing in front of a bat statue, on a path over a swimming pool …

by Kelvin
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Where are you going Fortnite Dance in front of a bat statue, on a path over a dirt pool and in a chair for a giant? Ah, the famous challenge of dancing in front of something. I'm glad to hear that they're there to solve casual challenges, but for the more advanced ones. Fortnite Challenge the audience, complete additional challenges by visiting them in one game.

That's the correct route planner, dancing in front of a bat statue, on a path over a dirt pool, and in a chair for a giant in one game, and you've completed another challenge by yourself. But where are all these locations, and is it possible to get to all the locations in one game? Of course! But, it is not without prior preparation and planning.


Want to know how to finish this week's dance in the next challenge? We have discussed how to find all these locations in Fortnite season 10, week 6 boogie challenges, including bat statues in Haunted Hills, floating ponds near Fatal Fields, and chairs for giants somewhere east of Pole Peak. When you get to all these places, you will want to face the object and choose your preferred dance style.

Fortnite location of a bat statue

The first location can be found in Haunted Hills, northwest of the map. The bat statue is located behind the Haunted House, on the raised edge to the right of the angel statue, next to the house that usually has a chest.

Fortnite: Dancing in front of a bat statue, on a path over a swimming pool ... 2

Fortnite through raised pool locations

As its name implies, nothing this week Fortnite Challenges can be found floating in the sky to the left of Fatal Fields. The stranded motel located on a drifting mound has taken the best parts from its successor Lazy Lagoon.

Fortnite        Season 10, week 6 challenges, well above ground

Fortnite seats for giant locations

The final location, on the seat of the giants, can be found below Shifty Shafts and to the right of Polar Peak. The easiest way to get here is to land in a giant wooden chair to the right of a small group of tacos and restaurants.

That's it, all the places to Fortnite Season 10 6 Sunday before the challenge. If you've already climbed a giant chair and tipped the bat, you can check the rest Fortnite Sunday 6th challenge, lift the disco ball on an ice hanger or visit a grand piano.