Fortnite failed to show how Taco Time can cause quick death

by Kelvin

Fortnite Players are still familiar with the v10.30 change that Greasy Grove reintroduces, but this time with a taco restaurant that makes players dance at the Taco Time party, but the effect is to make some people feel unprepared.

Epic Games always integrates wild or new mechanics into the battle royale, but Season 10 has seen an increase in questionable changes that have delayed many players with their strange mechanics.


Some of the biggest issues have revolved around the BRUTE mechanism, at one point Turbo Builds, and the like. While some of them are being repaired, there are still some mechanics that give players difficulty in the game.

Despite the fact that the dull Reddit user shows how the intentional mechanics of Taco Fiesta can have undesirable results in certain situations that do not involve fighting.

Not everyone likes Taco Time. Credits: epic game

Fortnite Fans now know that getting closer to Greasy Grove will produce "a flavor so appetizing that Zone players can't resist dancing."

But Redditor found himself in a strange situation where they attempted to join Zone via the glider, but were caught in the tantalizing effect of Taco Time.

Although it seemed like they had a clear route from Greasy Grove, they decided to cut it while using Glider. But the POI effect disables your gliders, drops them, and finally removes them from the game.

In patch 10.30, Epic Games warns that "dancing does not prevent storm damage or health regeneration in The Storm."

Why does this cancel your glider? from r / FortNiteBR

Although it seems that the players are ready to face that reality, it doesn't seem like they expect to be expelled from their Glider when they leave Storm.

This clip sparked criticism of its location and ability to send players to Taco's bow.

"The only thing that shoots me is disabling the glider when you're in the air," wrote one user. "It once ruined my landing. Other than that, it's fine because it uses the same mechanics as the boogie bomb."

Fortnite    failed to show how Taco Time can cause quick death 2Taco Time dance can be deadly Fortnite. Credits: epic game

It will be interesting to see how Epic Games expands or eliminates this mechanism in the future based on public comment.

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