Fortnite now available on the Google Play Store! | Geek Diary

by Kelvin
Fortnite now available on the Google Play Store! | Geek Diary

Fortnite is since this week available on the Play Store. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a big change for the Epic editor.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, went to war against application store appsApple and Google. According to him, the 30% commission levied by the two giants is too high. If he had no choice but to go through the App Store to distribute Fortnite on iOS, the publisher has decided to bypass the Play Store for the Android version of its game.


Defeat for Epic

That’s why, since summer 2018, users of smartphones on Android have to go to Epic site to download Fortnite. This is a portal application, the Epic Games App, which provides access to the studio’s catalog of Android games. But the latter had to face the facts: the Play Store represents a window that cannot be overlooked, even for a game as popular as Fortnite.

This is why the title is now offered at download from the Google store. A victory for the search engine, a bitter defeat for Epic. In a statement, the publisher complains that Google has disadvantaged the downloading of applications outside the Play Store, through technical and commercial measures such as security alert messages ” scary and repetitive ”, And by agreements with manufacturers and operators that restrict the possibilities of rebel publishers.

Epic deplores the fact that Google presents applications outside of the Play Store as malware, just like the Play Protect services which “purely and simply” block the operation of this software. Tactics that ended up distracting players or making them suspicious of downloads not authorized by Google.

Google may have gone very far in this area, but it must be recognized that downloading apps outside the official store can pose serious security concerns. Users who deprived themselves of Fortnite so far for this reason may ultimately benefit, while Epic will have to pay the commission on in-app purchases (it is however still possible to get the game from the studio website).

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