Fortnite Season 10 Sunday 4 The ‘Trash Storm’ mission was leaked by …


Daily challenges are replaced by limited-time mission sets in Season X and Week 4 mission packs have been leaked

With Season X, Epic Games wants to change the challenge system in several ways, including the way challenges are presented to players. The limited-time quest set replaces the daily challenge of engaging the player to play more actively.


We already saw Sunday 3 & 4 Battle Pass Mission drip with patch v10.10. Also, data miners find their way in the limited time set for Sunday 4 as well.

Season 10 Sunday 4 Limited Time Escape Mission

Through careful and methodical work, data miners and leakers go through the files to find items that Epic Games left there. As we mentioned earlier, Epic has tightened security by encrypting certain files, such as nearby locations, until the last minute.

Cosmetics and challenges are another story. This is not considered 'highly classified' material and is almost always added to the archive two weeks before release.

@ Lucas7yoshi publicize the limited mission ‘Sunday Storm’ to the week of Sunday 4 through the Twitter.

Sunday 4 Season Mission X ‘Trash Storm’ for a limited time

Most missions do not interest us. They are the same as the simple settlement requirements.

"Consumption of items that have been styled by mistake" may refer to something special that comes in patches or content updates, but we're not sure what it is currently. The name of the entire package really caught our attention because Garbage rift has been leaking since August 14.

While the mission did not directly mention the trash fault here, basura Trash Storm ’confirmed its launch on Sunday the 4th. At least that is the plan currently set forth by Epic Games. Remember, the package may change if an error is found in the final testing stage of the article.

What do you think of the new Epic quest system in Season X? We are satisfied with the change in appearance. Limit the ability of free players to complete the Battle Pass, but the system carries a greater variety of mission types than the previous Fortbyte feature in season 9.

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