Fortnite Sunday 7 Challenge Guide: How to solve everything Fortnite The challenge 7 Sunday

by Kelvin

Than Fortnite The challenge 7 Sunday for all Battle Pass holders now living in the game, as part of Fortnite Season 3 event arrangement. Inside Fortnite Sunday 7 Challenge GuideWe'll walk you through how to solve each challenge in scheduled Week 7, so you can give yourself a grand XP prize at the end. Everything you need to know about Fortnite The challenge for weeks 7.

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Fortnite The challenge 7 Sunday

While Fortnite Sunday 7 The challenge may be alive now, remember you can always contact us Fortnite Sunday 6 A challenge guide if you need help solving the challenges of the previous week Fortnite Season 3. If not, review the full list of challenges to Fortnite Sunday 7 just below:

Fortnite Week 7 Challenge Rewards

If you successfully complete each song Fortnite Sunday 7th Challenge Anytime, be it a day or a month after all the challenges have been issued, you will get a total of 4,000 XP, like every two weeks in Fortnite Season 3. We should note that the last three challenges on the list are rated 'Hard' by the game itself, which means it will definitely be more difficult to solve.

How difficult Fortnite The challenge 7 Sunday

Fortnite    Sunday 7 Challenge Guide: How to solve everything Fortnite Challenge 7 Sunday 2 This rare rifle can help you complete the first challenge.

Starting with the shotgun damage challenge, you only need to give 500 total damage points in many places Fortnite Battle Battles to complete the challenge, and it should be noted that damage is calculated even if you don't kill your opponents. The removal in Shifty Shafts shouldn't be too difficult to solve either, especially considering the location is an access point to exit the Battle Bus.

Next, you have to find the weapon that was pressed while you were on the Battle Royale map if you want to secretly eliminate three opponents, so you want to find buildings and boxes to loot higher classes, like silenced weapons. Finding chests at Lonely Lodge can be difficult to solve given the number of players who have fallen on the spot, but be aware that the challenge is to loot seven chests in various matches.

Fortnite    Sunday 7 Challenge Guide: How to solve everything Fortnite Challenge 7 Sunday 3

Then come three tough challenges, revealing and then following the treasure map hidden in Retail Row should be very challenging. Finding chests, ammo boxes, and decreasing supplies in one game will be just as difficult, if not more, and this may be the most difficult challenge of the week.

Please note that we will cover every Fortnite Weekly challenges immediately after airing for in-game Battle Pass holders, so you can check out the US games. USA every Thursday 2nd morning PST / 5th morning EST for all the latest information on Fortnite A challenge.

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