Fortnite Sunday 9 Challenge: how to complete everything Fortnite Sunday Challenge 9

Fortnite Sunday 9 Challenge: how to complete everything Fortnite Sunday Challenge 9

Than Fortnite Sunday Challenge 9 ready to go live Thursday, April 19, for all Battle Pass holders. Inside Fortnite Challenge guide 9 Sundaywe will run every week 9 The challenge for the last set as part of Fortnite Season 3.

If you need another Fortnite, including how to master Battle Royale mode, as well as where you can find the best weapons and vending machines scattered on the Battle Royale map, be sure to visit us Fortnite Guide center.


Fortnite Sunday Challenge 9

Once again Fortnite Weekly challenges are leaked early, which means we can bring you Fortnite Sunday 9 Previous challenges. This has proven accurate in the past, so you can find a full list of challenges for Week 9 for Battle Pass holders right below. Complete all these challenges and you will be rewarded with payment. 4,000 XP is pretty decent.

As you can see from the list below, Fortnite Sunday 9 The challenges are mixed as usual, assigning players activities such as reaching three taco shops in one game and following the treasure map found in Moisty Look at Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Fortnite Sunday Challenge 9

  • Dealing with Damage to Opposing Structures – 5 stars: Complete Challenge 9 this week giving 5,000 damage to the opponent's structure.
  • Find a chest in Ghost Hill – 5 stars: once you know where the boxes are, challenge week 9 This should be pretty simple.
  • Building structure – 5 stars: Enough for 250 elements to complete the challenge. 9 this week
  • Visit a different taco shop in one game – 5 stars – out of five Fortnite In the taco shops, you only need to visit all three in one game to complete the challenges of week 9 this is
  • Follow the treasure map found at Moisty Mire – 10 stars: once the map is found, it should be quite easy to complete the challenge of week 9 this is
  • Shotgun removal – 10 stars – Whichever shotgun you choose, do four kills using one of them to complete the Week 9 challenge this is
  • Eliminate opponents in Lucky Landing – 10 stars – Earn Lucky Landing and then eliminate three opponents to complete the challenge this week 9.

If we collapse Fortnite Sunday 9 Challenge one by one, some must be solved more easily than others. Deal damage to opponent's structures and build challenges. 9 Week 9 structure should be pretty easy to do if you give them enough time, and should come more or less from playing games normally.

From Week of Elimination Challenge 9, the Shotgun Elimination Challenge should be the easiest, but the Lucky Landing Elimination Challenge will be more difficult because this is a difficult area to stay alive. Even getting to Lucky Landing can be quite difficult.

Search Oriented Week 9 Challenge Fortnite It is a mixed bag too. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding chests in Haunted Hills, but visiting three taco shops in one game can be difficult because you have to stay alive for a while. Following the treasure map found in Moisty Mire will probably be very simple once the map is found.

We could all be done with this Fortnite Sunday 9th Challenge the guide, but be sure to stick with us. Fortnite a page of masks where we will classify the best clothes available in the game or outside Fortnite A mobile guide if you want to know how to download and play games on the go.

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