Fortnite Sunday of season 10 9 / Week 10 Leakage Challenge – Objectives …

by Kelvin
Fortnite Sunday of season 10 9 / Week 10 Leakage Challenge - Objectives ...

Than Fortnite Season 10, Sunday 9/10 Objectives / challenges The Bullseye mission has been leaked before. All these are challenges and rewards.

Epic launches limited time and permanent missions every week on Thursdays. We already have nine permanent Battle Pass missions along with the mystery mission "A Meteoric Rise".


Testers have leaked the latest Battle Pass mission (not a limited time mission) of v10.40 today Fortnite to update The name of the mission is called "Bullseye" and it will have seven regular challenges along with seven additional prestigious missions. You can see the challenges of the filtered Bullseye mission and the prizes below.

Fortnite Season 10 Sunday 9 / Week 10 Leakage Mission Bullseye Objectives / Challenges (Normal)

  • Landing on different Bullseyes (one)
  • Hit weak points when harvesting (fifty)
  • Get eliminated with Sniper Rifle (one)
  • Hit the easy target shot (one)
  • Complete the skydiving route in Fatal Fields after jumping off the Battle Bus (4)
  • Blows to the head (10)
  • Destoy Loot Takes from 50, away (two)

Fortnite Bullseye Prestige Challenge Season 10

  • Press 5 weak points followed at harvest (one)
  • Destroy the loot operator from a distance of 100 m (one)
  • Hit in the head in a game (3)
  • Hit the shooting range hard (one)
  • Complete the parachuting path in Dusty Depot after jumping off the battle bus (4)
  • Hit the head with range weapons (3)
  • Drop the bottle on the target near giant fish, llamas or pigs (one)

We will publish a guide on how to solve some of these challenges after the Bulleye mission airs tomorrow at 2 p.m. BST.

Fortnite The Rewards Challenge Bullseye Mission

Most of the awards for the Bullseye mission include Battle Stars and Season 10 XP. After finishing 7 challenge, players will receive a prize with the rare Epic Vanquisher Pickaxe with a description that says "Swing with La power of steel". The peaks are part of the Fort Knights set.

Vanquisher Pickaxe "width =" 512 "height =" 512 "data-lazy- =" "src =" Peak

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When the player completes 11 challenges / goals, they will be rewarded with aerosols and after finishing all 14 challenge, players will accept a silver style for Ultima Knight's skin. This is what the silver version of Ultima Knight looks like:

Ultima Knight Silver Style "width =" 701 "height =" 855 "data-lazy- =" "src =" Week -9-Week-10-Challenge-Leaks.jpgUltimate Knight Silver Style

We will probably receive the extra time challenge at the same time when the Bullseye challenge opens. The extra time challenge is called Out of Time and there are several challenges to solve. However, this challenge is not as boring as the previous overtime challenges, since most of the overtime challenges of Season 10 require players to collect Visitor records from the various locations mentioned.

You can see in occasional leak Fortnite Season 10 is a challenge here along with all the different Battle Pass skin styles that you can open.

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