Fortnite Update v10.31 Added parts Hub mobile application

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Fortnite Update v10.31 Added parts Hub mobile application 1

Update v10.30 is finally here and there is a new Party app to help you connect with friends online Fortnite.

The new Party Hub A mobile app has been released that allows you to see which friends are online, start parties, and have a voice chat with that party before participating in games on any platform. You can only use voice chat at this time, but we hope that messages will be added soon.

You can check the party Hub Frequently asked questions here.

The last hurricane circle will no longer end in Failure zone with the latest updates, which means you won't die during Taco Dance in Greasy Grove.

Ziplines It returned after being temporarily disabled earlier this month, allowing you to explore the map a little faster.

Than Deciblaster has been added to the weekly store in Save The World. It fired a sound blast that pierced the enemy and bounced 5 times, dealing damage to the area with each bounce. Social party it will now support up to 16 player as well.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

Weapons and property

  • Fixed an issue involving Star Wand and AC / DC Pickax not causing the expected amount of damage.
  • Because this issue has been resolved, this peak has been reactivated.


  • The Circle of Storms will no longer end at the following location (in Core and Arena mode):
  • Wet palm
  • Greasy grove
  • Lean city
  • Retail line
  • Fixed an issue where ziplines could give players unwanted effects.
  • Because this issue has been resolved, the ziplines have been reactivated.
  • When a player is removed, their damage to the storm surge threshold will no longer be removed from the rest of their teammates.
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  • Support-a-Creator code can now be used for in-game real money offers.
  • More information on this will be available in a blog post this weekend.
  • Please note: For any bundle containing V-Bucks, the revenue sharing will apply to the Creator code that was entered when the bundle's V-Bucks were spent.


  • Party Hub
  • Connected with Fortnite a friend on a trip so that the party never stops. See who's online, partying and playing together on any platform. (Or just voice chat!)
  • Do you want to hang out with friends in the game when you're out? Now you can bring the party! For more information, see our frequently asked questions here.
  • Multitask
  • This new feature allows you to use two applications at the same time on a compatible iPad! Compatible iPad models include:
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad (second generation5 and newer)
  • iPad Air 2 and newer
  • iPad mini 4 and newer
  • By enabling multitasking, all iPads will have the ability to rotate the screen orientation to enter portrait mode.
  • If you don't want to play in portrait mode, activate the rotation lock on your iPad.


  • From the server on September 13
  • Overcome problems involving multiple mission objectives that do not measure progress.

Fortnite: Creative


  • Increase the limit for Basic Storm Control from 10 to 16.

Fortnite    Update v10.31 Added parts Hub mobile application 3

Fortnite: Save the world

Weapons and property

  • Deciblaster jumps to the weekly store!
  • He fired a blast of sound that pierced the enemy and bounced 5 times, dealing damage to the area with each bounce. It does not consume ammunition, but it has little resistance.
  • Available in weekly stores beginning Wednesday, September 18 at 8 o'clock ET until Wednesday, September 25 at 8 o'clock ET.
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  • Social party at Save La The world now supports up to 16 player
  • To launch a mission, there must only be 4 active players in the party.
  • The other members of the group must enter the Sit Out status through the Social Panel. This allows them to continue participating in voice chat.


  • Players with their reticles on the stairs will no longer enter edit mode for unwanted building pieces.
  • In v10.30, we discussed an issue where players sometimes go into edit mode to build pieces where their reticle is idle. However, players may still find themselves entering edit mode for a part of the building that is different from what was intended if its reticle is on the stairs. This has been resolved.
  • Black border removed on iPad 2018 Pro.

You can see our guide to some of the most difficult things. Fortnite The prestige challenge here, as well as the locations of Season 10 Hidden Battle Stars.

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