‘Fortnite’Will have bots to help new players

by Kelvin
‘Fortnite’Will have bots to help new players 1

Season 10 of Fortnite It has been, without a doubt, the most criticized since the battle royale was launched in 2017. The inclusion of STUPID., a proposal for newcomers to have a better chance of winning a game, divided opinions and generated a wave of discontent among veteran players. However, it seems that in Epic Games they are not willing to give up their unexpected strategy.

The study confirmed that, as of season 11, for the first time the games will include bots. Of course, it will be the artificial intelligence of the game that will control the characters. Fortunately, this initiative will not be present in the competitive mode, so the most skilled people won't have to do anything to avoid them.


As the North Carolina company mentions, the bots "will behave similarly to normal players and offer an ideal method for players to practice and improve. There will be no robots in competitive modes. We are excited to implement this so that everyone can play with the new system, one that we will continue to update. " Further, the bots will gradually disappear as the player improves his abilities on the battlefield.

Another important point that we should mention, and that is linked to the introduction of bots, is that the pairing (matchmaking) from Fornite now will take into account your skill level. The above will allow them to identify when a game needs the intervention of AI-controlled characters:

There will be a greater chance that they will be matched with players of similar ability and that, as they improve, their opponents will too. We will gradually launch all of this to the main Battleground modes in all regions as we test and monitor their performance.

While some users have not hesitated to express their disapproval of this proposal, the reality is that it is a well executed movement by Epic Games. Unlike what happened with the B.R.U.T.O., this time they are avoiding harming the experience of veterans. If you are good at battle royale, you probably never face a bot.

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