‘Fortnite’Will start its Season 10 with a big bang

by Kelvin

One day after the start of the Season 10 of Fortnite, Epic Games launched a teaser of the events that will occur from August 1. A big explosion in Booty RaftLoot lake in English – will trigger a series of events that will affect spacetime.

In the video we can see some characters that appeared in previous seasons of Fortnite. Known items and weapons also appear, anticipating a fairly complete event.


The details of Season 10 – or Season X – are scarce. From patch v9.21, Epic has encrypted the files of Fortnite to avoid leaks. Until before that implementation, hundreds of people dedicated themselves to undermining the game directories in search of clues to the content.

The tenth of Fortnite It seems to be important for its creators, who have dropped the content, first in the World Cup final and today with teasers that anticipate the cataclysm that will happen tomorrow.

So far it is unknown how the final map will look, but with the explosion and the portals shown in the teaser, we may travel through familiar areas that have been altered by colliding with each other.

This event reminds us of the third expansion of World of warcraftCataclysm – where Blizzard decided to perform a massive change to the game world And to the skills. Even though Fortnite He is not in favor of permanent adjustments, it will be interesting to know if this event has a future effect.

Season 10 of Fortnite will be available from August 1.

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