Founder of Telegram claims to be one of Pegasus’ targets

by Kelvin
Founder of Telegram claims to be one of Pegasus' targets

Telegram founder Pavel Durov would be among those whose phones were targeted by Pegasus, spy software used to monitor political leaders, journalists and activists from around the world. According to a report released on Sunday (18) by American and British newspapers, the program would have infected at least 50,000 victims.

In a post on Wednesday (21), the Russian programmer said he was aware that one of his cell phones had been watched by the tool since 2018, “although a source from the NSO Group (responsible for spyware) denies it.” Durov also commented that he was not concerned about the break-in, as he does not store sensitive information on the device.

“Anyone who gain access to my private data will be totally disappointed, they will only find thousands of design concepts and messages related to our product,” he wrote. He also said that he is used to invasion attempts since when he lived in Russia (his move occurred for security reasons).


In the text, the computer specialist stated that there is no way to protect yourself from Pegasus, regardless of the device model you are using, whether it is an Android or an iPhone. “No matter what apps you use, the system is breached at a deeper level,” he explained.

“Global Surveillance Program”

In another excerpt of the publication, the creator of the Telegram app recalled the leak of documents from the US National Security Agency (NSA) by Edward Snowden to criticize Google and Apple. According to him, the companies are part of a global surveillance program that allows access to information from any cell phone.

In the end, Durov appealed to governments around the world to take action against the “billion” violations promoted by the big techs. He said he believes that as the politicians themselves were victims of Pegasus, maybe now they will change their mind regarding the creation of new legislation on the subject.