Founder of Wunderlist Wants to Undo Application from Microsoft

by Kelvin
Founder of Wunderlist Wants to Undo Application from Microsoft

In 2015, Microsoft Wunderlist had purchased the application. Wunderlist, which was sold four years ago for $ 100 – 200 million, is now the founder of the application. Christian ReberWants to get it back from Microsoft.

Christian ReberIs the reason why MicrosoftTo close Wunderlist. Microsoft will close the application two years after buying Wunderlist. to-do list application news.

Still many people want to get back to the application that loves Reber, this request brought up with the tweet.


Reber said in his tweet that “I'm sorry that Microsoft wants to close Wunderlist, which people still love. Please let me buy it back. So no one will be angry that you've shut down Wunderlist while you're working on Microsoft To-Do..

Reber added in his later tweets that if he gets Wunderlist back, it will always be a free app, it will be faster and it will have many useful features. However, Microsoft's selling of Wunderlist to Reber may cause some problems as it will release its own to-do list as a competing application. Although Reber seems quite eager about Wunderlist, Microsoft has not yet received a positive or negative response.

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