Foursquare is now also compatible with iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini

by Kelvin

Foursquare updates its iPhone app and makes it compatible with the iPad

The boys of Foursquare have launched a new version of their application for iOS devices and now finally, it is not only compatible with the iPhone, but It is also compatible with iPad Apple. Know all the news of this update and download it below.

Foursquare is now also compatible with iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini 5

What is the Foursquare application for iPhone and iPad?

Foursquare for iPhone and now also for iPadIt helps you find and discover interesting places, wherever you are, anywhere in the world. If our tastes are different, why should we get the same search results? The new Foursquare learns from what you like and directs you to places that you will love.


Thanks to this application you can enjoy the following features:

  • Counting your favorite things Foursquare gets to know you. Each search adapts to your tastes, your previous qualifications, and selections of friends and experts you trust.
  • Your tastes can be very specific, such as "whiskey" or "salted caramel." Or more general, such as "outdoor tables" or "used book stores."
  • Find restaurants, coffee, nightlife, shops and much more. Explore what is nearby or plan ahead.
  • When you arrive at a place, look for the tips of experts: that it is good to order or something you should not miss.
  • Follow influential people and people whose tastes you trust, and their tips will be shown first. Connect your accounts Facebook Y Twitter and check out the places in the area that your friends liked.

Foursquare is now also compatible with iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini 6Foursquare is now also compatible with iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini 7

What's new in version 8.5 of Foursquare for iOS devices

Now, the new version of Foursquare is compatible with all iPad of Apple, giving you the best way to find amazing places to go, anywhere in the world.

  • Do you want to find some excellent places to go for lunch or dinner? You just have to open the application, say what you are looking for and get a beautiful selection of inspiring places, which you will love and that you will remember when you are close.
  • If you are planning a trip you can also easily navigate the city. Select Barcelona, ​​Shanghai, Buenos Aires (or any city, anywhere in the world) and get an endless list of ideas, totally customized for you.

This update also has a lot of improvements and bug fixes for the iPhone application.

Download Foursquare for iPhone and iPad

If you do not have this app for iOS devices, you can install it through the direct download link, from the App Store, which you will find below.

Foursquare is in the App Store, requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is available through the following languages: Spanish, German, Catalan, Korean, French, Indonesian, English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish.