Fourth public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS: news and how to install it

by Kelvin

After 24 hours of the launch of the fifth beta for iOS 13 and iPadOS developers from Apple We have been surprised with the corresponding public fourth beta so that any user with a compatible device can try this version. Definitely The feedback that has been received from the fifth beta for developers has been so good that they have not wanted to delay waiting for the launch of this public beta which fixes important bugs present in the previous public beta that was released two weeks ago.

What do we hope to see in this new public beta?

We are installing this fourth beta right now on both our iPhone and iPad but we are talking about the same beta that was released yesterday, with the same aesthetic news and the same bugs solved. That is why we recommend you to see what's new in iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 5 here.


In summary, the main aesthetic novelties that we find are the following:

  • In iPadOS you can now choose the density of icons that interest you most. I mean you can Choose between a 4 × 5 or 6 × 5 grid. In the second we will have in each horizontal line 6 icons of apps and the first four.
  • Now we can adjust the volume of our device much more precisely. We will have 34 volume levels at our disposal to make small adjustments to the sound.
  • In the Activity app there are new achievements above 1000 times that you fill the circle of movement.
  • In the Share’ tab there are certain novelties, adding the favorite actions we use regularly, as well as a section where the common actions of the application that we have open at that time are grouped.


These are the news that incorporates iOS 13 and iPadOS beta 5

How to install the fourth public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS

If you already have the third public beta installed on your device, you should simply go to Settings> General> Software update and you will get this fourth public beta to download and install. We must insist that it is important to make a backup in advance and that you only do this process if you are totally safe and it is always better to do it on a secondary device.

If you want to install it from scratch because you did not have the third public beta installed, once we have made the backup, you can follow the steps below to download this profile:

  • We will go to Safari and we must open the website of Apple dedicated to the public beta program here, with the device on which we want to install the beta.
  • We will have to click on Sing Up ’and once registered we will go to the upper right and click on Enroll Your Devices ’.


  • Now we simply have to choose either iOS or iPadOS, depending on the device where we want to install this beta.


  • We will go down on this screen until step 2, and click on Download profile’. Once downloaded we must go to Settings> General> Profiles and install the downloaded profile.


  • Once this is done we will restart the device and we can go to Settings> General> Software update and update.

It is that easy to install the public beta that the truth is going really well although obviously you have to be careful because it has several bugs that can be quite uncomfortable.