Foxconn breaches Chinese labor laws by hiring more temporary workers than allowed to manufacture iPhone

by Kelvin
Foxconn breaches Chinese labor laws by hiring more temporary workers than allowed to manufacture iPhone

The new iPhone will be presented this week and will probably go on sale later this month. But, getting them available to millions of people during the first few days is not easy, Apple and its partners have prepared for months to have the stock enough. In this preparation it seems that even some laws have been broken, according to a report (how much Apple as Foxconn have recognized), in the factories from the latter some labor standards have been skipped.

One of the Chinese labor laws stipulates that the temporary workforce of a factory cannot exceed 10%, with approximately 90% remaining permanent workers. In the month of August at the largest Foxconn factory, that of Zhengzhou in China, the temporary workforce was almost 50%. In other words, half of Foxconn's workers in recent weeks had been hired only to deal with Foxconn's temporary lawsuit, the iPhone's lawsuit.



Undercover researchers from China Labor Watch, a nonprofit organization, have infiltrated the Zhengzhou factory to discover this illegality. After being discovered, so much Apple as Foxconn seem to have recognized this excess of temporary workers. As indicated Apple "The percentage of temporary workers exceeded our standards" and that he is "working closely with Foxconn to solve this problem."

The other possible illegalities to make the iPhone

The CLW report is not limited to the excess of temporary workers hired. According to the organization, have discovered other illegalities plus the rights of factory workers. Apple nevertheless it denies the rest of the accusations flatly and indicates that they are false.

The CLW report makes A series of other accusations about working conditions in Zhengzhou factory. This includes waivers that are not accepted during peak production periods, students who work overtime during maximum production despite the law prohibiting it, workers who remain in the factory for unpaid night work, verbal abuse, lack of adequate protective equipment for workers and more. It is not the first time that these illegalities occur.


The answer of Apple before these accusations:

"We analyzed the claims of China Labor Watch and most of the accusations are false. We have confirmed that all workers are being adequately compensated, including overtime wages and bonuses, all overtime work was voluntary and there was no evidence of forced labor. "

Foxconn is the main partner of Apple when making the iPhone and other mass consumption devices. This also makes it one of the companies that has more work in the months prior to the presentation of a product as iconic and popular as the iPhone. It is not the first time that the company is caught exploiting the workers, although that goes totally against the principles of Apple and its Supplier Responsibility reports.

Via | Bloomberg

Foxconn shares breaches Chinese labor laws by hiring more temporary workers than allowed to manufacture iPhone

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