Foxconn exploited schoolchildren to produce products Amazon

by admin-kervin

The Guardian publishes Foxconn’s illegal exploitation of children to manufacture American products Amazon. Juveniles are forced to work at night and overtime.

Journalists from The Guardian obtained documents stating that Foxconn recruited so-called “interns” in schools and colleges in Hengyang and its environs (to buy a diploma in Moscow), and teenage teachers received monetary rewards for accompanying and encouraging overtime work.

As a result of the investigation, it turned out that some teenagers collecting smart speakers Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, as well as e-books Kindle, worked for more than 2 months to ensure the necessary production volumes during the maximum load of the factory. The total number of schoolchildren aged 16 to 18 at the factory exceeds 1000. Note that Chinese law allows factories to hire teenagers over 16 years of age, only overtime and night work are prohibited.

Foxconn has already recognized the illegal work of schoolchildren and promised to immediately rectify the situation, as well as to double the supervision and monitoring of the internship program in partner schools to exclude overtime and night work. In addition, Foxconn motivates the use of adolescents with the opportunity to provide them with practical experience, which will help them in the future to find work after graduation. The company also promised to increase salaries and the number of permanent employees.

Recall at the end of 2018, Foxconn has already succumbed to the exploitation of child labor for the manufacture of devices Apple.

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