Fraud attempts on Black Friday 2021 grew by 131.54%

by Kelvin
Fraud attempts on Black Friday 2021 grew by 131.54%

The year-end period is marked by big discounts in several sectors, but we also need to talk about fraud in the Black Friday 2021. With more people shopping online, the amount of fake orders and scam attempts has increased by over 130% if we compare it to 2020.

THE CyberMonday 2021 it was not left out of the attempt of people acting to take advantage of inattentive ones and it also registered problematic cases. Check all the data and how to protect yourself with the arrival of Christmas shopping.

Online shopping in the pandemic

Last year was a real transformation for consumers around the world for one simple reason: all physical stores were closed. As a result, companies were forced to rethink the shopping experience in the midst of a pandemic, with the transition to the scope being more than necessary. As true showcases for the Brazil and for the world, it is possible that different products and services are exposed to the most diverse audiences.


“Due to the pandemic context and social isolation, digital platforms are being increasingly sought after by Brazilians when shopping. However, it is important to pay attention to criminals who identified this scenario as an opportunity to try to defraud transactions, especially on Black Friday, where many promotions are offered and generate even greater traffic.”

Omar Jarouche, Director of Marketing and Solutions at ClearSale

Last year, during the period of Sexta-feira Negra, there was a 25.1% growth in sales compared to 2019, with sales totaling R$4 billion. Large numbers of people made their first purchase online during the pandemic and once all the benefits were realized, this has become a real trend.

Growing Fraud Attempts on Black Friday 2021

With more people shopping online, it was almost certain that we would have more fraud on the Black Friday 2021. According to a study by ClearSale, a company specializing in internet security, there was a growth of 131.54% compared to 2020. In total, there were 119,318 fraud attempts on Black Friday 2021, this only talking about internet sales.

About the amount of money that was saved from these fraud attempts in Black Friday 2021, a ClearSale points out that R$ 125.8 million were saved in false orders. As a result, this is one of the years in which there were more problems with online sales. The current year’s value is 79% higher than previously recorded, being R$70.3 million a year ago (2020). The survey was carried out between 25 and 29 November 2021.

CyberMonday 2021 was not left out

althoughthe black friday also be opted for online stores, the CyberMonday 2021 is only focused on internet promotions, with companies extending the duration of their low prices by a few more days, there were also fraud attempts in this period. THE ClearSale points out that the sectors that had the most coup attempts were:

  • Electronics;
  • Cell phones;
  • Drinks;
  • Automotive;
  • Tools.

Another interesting fact is that even though it is not the main focus, there were frauds in the Black Friday 2021 when we look at the financial sector. The survey shows that more than 586,000 credit proposals, online account openings, card issues and other operations were carried out. The year-on-year growth was 30% and here’s some good news: fraud in this sector dropped 25% when we look at the 2020 data.

Sectors received more false orders

How many products have you purchased in this sexta-feira Negra? Many people end up waiting for the last Friday of November to make that purchase that has been delayed for months with a focus on paying even cheaper than the original amount. But the scammers were also careful to apply at least one fraud in the Black Friday 2021. According to the survey, they were the sectors that had the most problems with false orders:

  1. Automotive
  2. Air conditioner
  3. Tools
  4. Cell
  5. Electronics

With people returning to the streets and the closure rules in places more flexible, the opportunity to pay less for a car was widely used by the scammers so that more scams in the Black Friday 2021 happen. The good news is that the vast majority of them didn’t happen due to tips from digital security experts. Talking about the sectors that had the most frauds in 2020, the changes were not drastic, see the top 5:

  1. Cell
  2. Electronics
  3. Automotive
  4. Air conditioner
  5. Computing

With distance learning at its highest in 2020, many people were investing in purchasing smartphones as a way to have a complete device that would be useful in different parts of your daily life. Electronics were also heavily bought for a simple reason: people were staying at home longer (in fact, all the time) and entertainment options were sought after. That includes Smart TVs, soundbars and much more.

Person acting to place false orders

the sector of telecommunications also had less fraud in the Black Friday 2021 when we look at data from 2020. If last year there were 7,000 false order attempts, in the current year there were about 2,200 fraud attempts. A drop of 11%.

How to ensure digital security?

at the time of Black Friday 2021, The showmetech developed a special article with several tips for you to make safe purchases. But in general, it is very important that you always research the prices of the product you want, some time before special dates at the end of the year.

Man acting against digital security

Have you ever heard the phrase: “cheap can be expensive”? Nowadays, websites that are a true copy of big companies are acting so that your money ends up being lost, since you won’t receive the product you think you’re getting for a very low price. It is more important to end up paying an average price, but fair, than to pay little and still end up without both things: the money and the product you wanted so much.

Another way to ensure digital security is to always check links to the stores where you are shopping. A simple wrong letter in the address can end up taking (a) to the wrong page and that can lead to problems.

Woman shopping on the internet

Sites with the lock icon in the address (https) have a greater chance of not having false orders, but it’s important to do a more comprehensive search to know the company’s history. Do you know anyone who experienced fraud issues on Black Friday 2021 or are you one of those people? Tell us in the comments!

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