Free app for taking notes on Apple Watch: notebook

by Kelvin
записная книжка войти с яблоком

What is Notebook and how to download it

As you might have guessed from the name and the context in which we placed it, Notebook is a note-taking tool available in the App Store. it compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple, clock with the ability to even use in iMessage. It is developed by Zohio Corporation and is absolutely free as it does not or does not require payment for its download or has any type of subscription. This a priori can be interpreted as that it may not be that good, and while we cannot argue that it is the best, it has very outstanding features that make it totally worthwhile, as we will see in the following sections.


Allows you to register safely

The first thing that surprises Notebook is that it allows register in Apple using the function “Login with Apple”Released in 2019. We remember that this is one of the most interesting privacy features offered by the Cupertino-based company to securely access applications and services, avoiding spam and personal data misuse. It also allows you sign up for a google account and even create a new account with Zoho.


notebook sign with apple

Full sync with iCloud

Another very important aspect to know about Notebook is that it is perfectly synced with iCloud in such a way that even if we restore the iPhone, we can easily restore all the data. In fact, this sync is also perfect for getting notes instantly on all the devices we have the app installed on.

How Notebook Works on iPhone

Once you download the app and register, you will have access to all of its features. The interface is very intuitive and fully adapted for any iPhone, and also offers the option to be visible in dark mode in iOS 13 and newer. It should be noted that its presence on iPad it’s the same in that sense, so for operational purposes, everything described in iOS applies to iPadOS.

Different notebooks

One of the most interesting features offered by this application is the ability to create different notebooks in which you can diversify different topics. This is very useful for sorting your notes into categories such as work, school, shopping list, or any other topic. Plus, these notebooks can be customized and chosen from several templates so that everyone has their own style and is available at a glance, instantly recognizing it.

notepad notepad

Note taking and personalization

Taking notes is reminiscent of a classic poster thanks to a solid background color that can be easily changed to any of the others suggested. In each note, of course, you can write text and add tables, numbered or dotted lists, checks, quotes, and even reminders with set dates.

Item Lists

In addition to writing notes in Notepad, you can also create item lists, which are very useful for writing down things to buy or creating a to-do list. In short, any list of things we want to keep. After that, each item can be crossed out and it will be displayed as completed.

You can create voice notes

Sometimes, due to the haste or inability to stop writing, we stop writing down certain things. However, this application allows us to quickly create voice notes in such a way that they are always saved for consultation when needed, which is another very important tool in everything it offers.

Photos and handwritten notes

Two other very outstanding features are the following: you can save photos in a notebook, whether they are currently taken with direct access to the app’s camera or from the iPhone or iPad gallery. Added to this is the ability to take notes by hand, as well as create pictures or diagrams. If you are using iPad with Apple Pencil, this last feature makes even more sense.

pruebas notebook

Work on Apple Watch

The above points are very interesting, but in this article we tried to highlight its interface on Apple Watch… It must be said that it is very important that it is always installed on the iPhone. If you’ve automated app installs on your watch from iOS, you don’t need to do anything, but you will need to go to the appropriate section in the Watch app on your iPhone or download the Notebook from the watchOS app store.

Look at Apple Watch

The first thing we find when we open a Notebook on Apple Watch, are recent notes coming from the iPhone app. They don’t offer colorful designs unlike iOS, but that’s not a problem when you consider that it is ultimately important to be able to see annotations. It also has no limit on the number of characters to display, at least we didn’t find it. it’s the same syncs very quickly with an iPhone app, so annotations appear instantly on both devices if you have a good internet connection.

laptop apple watch

Perhaps the most exciting thing about an app in watchOS is the ability taking notes by voice or voice notes directly, as well as by playing them. This means that if we need to make a quick annotation of something and we cannot (or don’t want to) delete the iPhone, we can do it. There is also a possibility write by hand letter by letter, what we see in other parts of the clock interface, but this is perhaps not the most convenient if it is a relatively long note.

WatchOS limitations

Disadvantages of Notebook on Apple Watch ultimately the same as any other note-taking app or even other types of apps: size. Obviously, this is not the most practical activity in the world – writing notes by hand or trying to read them carefully on a screen as small as a clock screen. Despite everything, the interface is fully adapted to its functionality on the device.

What would probably be a weak point is that it only shows recent notes. So is the fact that the style of the text is lost, as well as the format of the table and some others, but not the format of the list. We understand that this may not be that important in a watch, but it must be considered when using.

In the absence of a native app, this is ideal.

Perhaps the main reason that leads to the search for note-taking apps on Apple Watch, is that the native application Apple, despite the fact that it is installed on all devices, is not available from the watch. We do not know if this lack is due to what was said above regarding screen size, but there is no doubt that it can be really interesting to be able to quickly take notes from the wrist or even make inquiries. … Therefore, we think Notebook can be a great day-to-day app for storing all of our lists and annotations, although if you prefer a different iOS and iPadOS app, it can still be great for watchOS.