Free applications that were previously paid: hurry up they disappear

by Kelvin
Free apps

Free applications that were previously paid: hurry up they disappear

Once again, we bring you a collection of free applications that were previously paid. Thanks to Google Play promotions it is possible to get some payment applications forever, without paying. As long as you hurry, since they will only be added to your Google account as a purchase if you download them while they are in promotion.

In today's compilation we highlight the games, where there are some interesting titles. Particularly I would highlight Hexasmash 2 Ball Shooter Physics Puzzle, a puzzle game in which we will have to use physics to overcome challenges. In customization we also find several packs of icons and wallpapers in high resolution.

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On the contrary, if it takes a long time to arrive and you find that the application costs money again, means the promotion is over, or that is no longer available in your country. In those situations, if you really want to get the application, you will have to pay for it.

All applications were free at the time of publishing the article. If you arrive late you miss them.

Free apps

  • Ai. Gallery
  • Augustro Music Player.
  • Cleaner by Augustro.
  • File manager by Augustro.
  • Cosmic Browser: Fast, Safe, Private & Ad-blocker.
  • 360ΒΊ VR Photo Pics Beautiful Sites.
  • Calmly Writing Notepad Pro.
  • iCamera
  • Sleep Bug Pro.
  • Pro vCard
  • Chess Figures keyboard.

Free games

  • Real Taxi Simulator 2020.
  • Taxi Simulator 1976 Pro.
  • Death Bunker 2 HD.
  • Death Bunker 3: on a surface.
  • Flight Sim Airplane Pilot Instructor.
  • Chicken Tournament
  • ACEZ
  • Hexasmash 2 Ball Shooter Physics Puzzle.
  • Cubes
  • Android Runner

Free customization applications

  • Symbon Icon Pack.
  • Paper Icon Pack
  • Annabelle UI Icon Pack.
  • SUMMER Wallpapers 4K Pro.
  • Leaf Wallpapers 4K Pro.
  • Art Walpapers 4K Pro.
  • Prism live wallpaper.
  • Fixon Icon Pack.
  • Mono Icon Pack.
  • Retom Icon Pack.
  • Bize Icon Pack.
  • Evelo Icon Pack.

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