Free memory with the new Xiaomi Cleaner Lite app

by Kelvin

Since Xiaomi began its international expansion we have seen how, little by little, it has been putting many of its applications in the Google store, the Play Store. The last to arrive is Cleaner Lite, a lightened version of an existing application, which helps us to delete unnecessary files and have more space on our mobile.

This Xiaomi app is simple and very practical


The operation is very simple. When we open the application, she alone starts scanning our mobile's memory, after giving her permission to do so. When it finishes, it shows the files that we can delete to gain storage space.

If we click on the orange button at the bottom we will delete all, although we can select what we want to erase and what we don't.

When the cleaning is finished we are suggested more actions to gain even more space. For example, the gallery is scanned for screenshots, images that we usually don't want to have saved for a long time. The same is also done with the app apks that we have already installed or with videos that we may not need.

From the Xiaomi app itself we can remove them easily.

Few settings, is a Lite version

Free memory with the new Xiaomi Cleaner Lite app

As we have said, this application occupies very little space and is designed for mobile phones with low memory, so we will not have many adjustments in the application interface.

This application, even from Xiaomi, works on any mobile, and being so small is suitable for mobile phones with less power and storage, the cheapest normally.

It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store through the following link.

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