Free NASA Resources for Kids and Teens

by Kelvin

NASA has a network of web platforms with dozens of free resources. And many of them are designed as educational tools for the smallest homes.

This is a great initiative that parents and teachers can consider to encourage children to pursue educational activities while at home.

For example, SpacePlace, NASA at Home, and NASA Kids Club have an amazing selection of resources for kids of all ages, as well as tips for educators.


If you look at the section, you will find resources and activities that children can do at home. All content is divided into degrees and ages to make it easier for parents and teachers to find appropriate activities.

Some of the options you'll find are:

  • Suggestions for experiments and crafts

For example, tutorials on building a spaceship with household items, how to make galaxy phones, cooking cookies in the form of stars, etc. Each activity has a step-by-step guide that you can download in a PDF file. And of course, children will learn the facts and trivialities of the universe in the process.

  • Crossword puzzles, board games, and downloadable puzzles

There are a number of downloadable activities, such as crossword themed puzzles or emoji puzzles. Parents just need to print out a PDF and create a game card for the children to complete as they learn.

There is also a range of downloadable PDF posters and exoplanet books that children can color. There are some instructions and comments for children to use all their creativity in this activity.

  • Online games and story books

There are sections dedicated to online games that teach different children's themes. For example, the dynamics of ocean currents, how to explore other planets, are among other options. And for those who prefer to read there is a selection of Spanish story books.

And of course, there is also plenty of content for the elderly. For example, at NASA at Home there are videos, podcasts, ebooks, and virtual tours to see some of their amenities.

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