FREE WhatsApp for all users forever

by Kelvin

From today, you don't have to pay WhatsApp annually

The CEO of the famous WhatsApp messaging application, Jan Koum, has announced that the application will make a significant change in its business model, thanks to this new model from today the instant messaging client used worldwide will be completely FREE for all users, in this way It will no longer be necessary to pay € 0.99 per year to continue using the app.

For some time, those users who downloaded the application for the first time had the opportunity to enjoy all WhatsApp services for free during the first year, once they had completed the 12-month trial then the user passed to pay € 0.99 once a year.


FREE WhatsApp for all users forever 3

FREE WhatsApp for everyone

Now it seems that things change radically and WhatsApp can be used totally FREE forever, potrà essere utilizzato free of charge, every time, regardless of whether it is a new user or if it is one that will renew your annual subscription. The WhatsApp CEO has reported that € 0.99 a year was not much money, but that many clients, especially young people, did not have access to credit cards and this made them unable to use the service, which slowed down the dissemination of your app and favoring other messaging applications that are completely free.

When removing this "rate" or annual subscription, the question is what will be the new business model of WhatsApp. According to the latest rumors, The messaging application might be thinking of paying companies that want to send their most relevant communications to customers. For example, the flight companies could contact users through WhatsApp to inform them about possible delays or cancellations. In the same way a bank could use WhatsApp to get in touch with its customers to send you important offers or notices. As we know, at least so far, the application does not have advertising inside. With this, what would be achieved would be that the WhatsApp product be us, the users, and in this case the money would be spent by the companies.

The annual WhatsApp payment will be eliminated immediately on all platforms, including iOS, however we will have to wait a few weeks before the entire payment infrastructure is removed from the applications on each mobile platform. Despite this news, it seems that no refund is planned for those users who have recently paid for the app or for renewing their subscription.

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