Free WhatsApp space in a few seconds

by Kelvin
Free WhatsApp space in a few seconds 1

Free WhatsApp space in a few seconds 2

WhatsApp It has a useful tool for freeing up the files in the application.

It is possible to delete the files in each chat, individually, and decide what types of content we want to delete exactly.


We tell you the step by step so you can do it:

Do it quickly

1. Open WhatsApp.

2. Press the points menu in the upper right corner of the app.

3. Go to "Data and storage".

4. Press on Storage usage. After a few seconds (it depends on the amount of files you have), you will see a list with all your chats.

5. Enter the one you want to delete content.

6. Click on Manage messages.

7. Mark only the files you want to delete.

8. Choose in "empty messages".

9. Repeat the process with all the chats in which you want to delete files.

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