French court ruling indicates that Steam users can resell their games

by Kelvin
HD Tecnología

One of the great trends of these last generations in the videogame industry was digital games. And, despite the many advantages they represent compared to the physical format, there is a rather negative point: once you activate a game and add it to your account there is no way to resell it. That is, if you have a game in which you finished your story and you do not plan to play it again or you have a game that simply bored you, there is no way to recover some of the money you spent on it.

However, according to GamesIndustry, a French court issued a particular ruling on this issue. The court ruled that the Steam Digital Library is within the laws of the EU. This is why users (at least in France) should be able to resell their games if they wish.


Valve, for his part, will surely appeal this decision until the end. Now, if we think about it, this could be something positive even for them: Steam opens its own parallel market where they take a share of the profits. In addition, users who sell their game would receive money within the platform so they would use it to buy other games and thus the money would remain within Steam. Pretty profitable for Valve, right? We will see if other courts in Europe make similar decisions.

What do you think of the possible resale of Steam games?

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