from now on you will use Google Assistant

by Kelvin
Android Auto llega a su fin: a partir de ahora usarás Google Assistant

Every time we use our phones for more and more tasks. One of them is that of GPS and the Android Auto application made its use easier behind the wheel. More and more vehicles support this interface on its integrated display, an interface that has been recently renewed. The thing is that for all those who did not have a car capable of this, we had to settle for the screen of our mobile. This is over. Android Auto comes to an end on our phones and will give way to Google Assistant.

Evidence of this has been found by 9to5Google when inquiring in the Android Auto application code. Yes, we can continue to have it installed on our phone, especially if we have a compatible car, but if you used your phone as the screen of the interface itself, we have to tell you to say goodbyeWell, its end is very close. Now you must use Google Assistant instead.


Android Auto says goodbye to its smartphone interface

When the Android Auto interface change took place, we wonder if the interface in our smartphones I would also change. Now we know that yes, it will change so radically that we will use another application. Android Auto will disappear from our phones unless we use it to connect to a screen. At the moment it disappears, we will use the driving interface of Google Assistant Google showed in the month of May and indicated that it would arrive in summer to Android phones.

For now We cannot test this interface, at least in Spanish. We will operate this interface directly with the voice and it is designed to be used without hands, ideal for while driving, for lying.

We have known this thanks to the following lines of code already found within the Android Auto application:

Meet your new driving Assistant

On phones, Android Auto is upgrading to the Google AssistantIt's driving mode. Try it now.

Driving mode on the Google Assistant will replace Android Auto for phones after% s. Try driving mode now.

Try Driving Mode

”Android Auto is now only available for car screens. On your phone, try the Google Assistant’S driving mode instead.”

Got it

Now the only thing left to know is when the time will come in which we can not use Android Auto on our phone and let's use the driving interface of Google Assistant.

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