From plumbers to stars on the web: the “miracle” of Desatranques Jaén

by Kelvin
From plumbers to stars on the web: the “miracle” of Desatranques Jaén

In this story nothing fits, neither the content, nor the plot, nor, surely, the outcome, and does not add anything because the future of this company breaks all the clichés of logic. However, its history is that of a success carved with its own hands and despite which, it remains true to its origins. Who are we talking about? Response for the Spanish: de Desatranques Jaén; answer for the rest of the world: from a small family plumber company that has risen to fame thanks to an undeniable success in social networks. How has this family business achieved such an unattractive activity sweeping in Twitter and else?

We are talking, in particular, about 54,000 followers in Twitter for a company of five-person poceros, but above all, of an unprecedented viralization in Spain of his videos and ingenious graphic montages. Riding between the serious and the grotesque, the firm does not hesitate to show in its promotional videos Isabel La Católica brandishing a sword or a Knight Templar with a shield with the company logo. His fame has made the brand a kind of cult object and stop their trucks on the street to take selfies …


His last madness, make a series on the web that will consist of six chapters "in his first season" – as we are clarified – and that tells the story of three employees of the firm "stuck": Mariola, at work; Andrew, in love, and Ephraim, in health. We will add to this casting the presence of ‘demonic creatures’ in the sewers of Jaén so as not to avoid feeling a great curiosity in the result. And we have talked with them to try to understand something of all this, although I do not know if with much or little success … Jorge Manuel Herculano answers us, the architect of all this guirigay.

history landslides jaen plumbers stars whatsapp image 2018 10 08 at 12 35 37Jorge Manuel Herculano – SMM of Desatranques Jaén

Digital Trends I recognize that this interview has always disturbed me because seeing what the marketing of Desatranques Jaén is capable of, I thought that the series could be a joke…

Jaén landslides – Well, we still have time to turn it into a joke. But no, it would be a joke too heavy maybe. At the moment the project is real and, if all goes well, the series will come out.

Digital TrendsIf they had to summarize their story in 30 seconds, what would they say?

DJ – I would say we are a small business. That we made a congratulatory video for Christmas. That the video went viral. That people were interested in us and that from there we share many stories, jokes, memes, etc. with people in the USSR.

It was decided between beers …

Digital TrendsI remember that car ad that said "power without control is useless." Can we say that ‘fame without control’ either? How do they carry it?

DJ – At the moment the only "famous" they greet and with whom they take pictures is the company truck. So we get along.

Digital TrendsI can't stop asking about your business model. Are they really still unblocking pipes as the main business?

DJ – Yes, of course we continue to unblock roads, we also work with the merchandising of the company, but the main activity is still unblocking pipes.

Digital Trends One has the feeling that the series was decided on a night of drinks. How did they come up and what will it consist of?

DJ – (Juanjo responds to us, from the producer that will make the series) The idea had been macerating in our heads for several weeks, but it was on a night of reeds when we decided to bet on it more seriously and get in touch with Desenranques Jaén (at that time we didn't even know if the company really existed). We came up because the philosophy that this company distills seemed very consistent with that of the kind of stories we like to tell. In the series, our screwdrivers will fight against sewer monsters that will be, in a way, a metaphor for other things.

DJ – Juanjo has already answered this question, I would add that on that night of reeds, probably, phrases like “hold my cubata” or “no eggs” were heard…

The series will feature a renowned cast in the field of humor in Spain, with popular actors such as Santi Rodríguez or Pablo Carbonell, and – as a good viral that the project aims to be – it is in the crowdfunding phase to obtain financing.

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