from Samsung Galaxy Fold Offer to Facilitate Screen Replacement

by Kelvin
from Samsung Galaxy Fold  Offer to Facilitate Screen Replacement

Samsung's foldable smartphone in recent weeks Galaxy FoldHas been launched and is expected to be available in the United States on September 27. Since it is a very expensive and special phone, we see that there are various labels on the phone that warn users how to use the phone. If your foldable phone's screen is damaged in some way, you'll be able to easily replace it with a much more affordable price than you might have guessed.

The VergeAccording to a report in Galaxy Fold users whose screen is damaged in some way, $ 149 (approximately $ 850) will be able to benefit from the non-warranty screen replacement program by paying. Considering the price of the phone ($ 2,000 = approximately $ 11,400), it can be said that the screen replacement fee is made at a relatively affordable price. However, in order to benefit from this affordable offer, Galaxy Fold'U your December 31, 2019 You must have purchased before.

To be honest, foldable phone technology is still very new and is in the process of beginning. because of Samsung'Fame Galaxy FoldIt is only natural that he has to warn his users about the use of the device and ask for careful use of the device.


Galaxy Fold  Screen Replacement 2

As The Verge points out in the video where the phone opens the box, you can see what the users can do and what not to do. Comprehensive warning messages Features. Galaxy FoldHassas The screen is sensitive to dust (excessive dust, sand, gravel, etc.) and should be kept away from liquids.

Earlier this summer, Samsung Galaxy FoldAfter introducing for the first time, those who took the review videos of the phone had problems with the device (especially the screen) (cracking of the screen, damage to the hinge part, etc.). Therefore, Samsung delayed the launch by withdrawing its foldable phone. Since that time Galaxy Fold Many improvements were made and the device was re-released. However, as we said before, this device is the first example of foldable phone technology, so it may have some handicaps.

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