From Supreme the feature phone that costs like Note10

by Kelvin
From Supreme the feature phone that costs like Note10

Maybe it won't cost like a Samsung Galaxy Note10, maybe it will come close to a Note10 +, hopefully not a Huawei Mate X. The price of one of the new gadgets that has not yet been announced Supreme – American fashion brand – has included in its new catalog. However, it will not be a smartphone but a smartphone feature phone, also rather ugly.

Supreme: what a feature phone is worth

Let's be honest, such a product if we saw it in a mall we would be sure that its price could not exceed € 20. However, if there is the Supreme logo above – which is also capable of selling customized building bricks at crazy prices – it seems to change everything. The telephone in question is objectively among the most common feature phone that there are in circulation and it is in fact the result of a rebrand of a Blu device (telephone company known in the States). It has certainly not been produced ad-hoc for the American company, which indeed often makes collaborations of this kind.


From Supreme the feature phone that costs like Note10 2

Among its technical specifications there is a 2.4 ″ color display, a camera on the back and the support dual SIM. What makes the feature phone special is the customization: the Supreme logo it is on the back, on the front and also in the user interface. Although the price of the device has not yet been announced, just take a ride on the Internet, on place official and not falling into the trap of the many imitations, to realize that a mirror costs $ 70, a baby carrier no less than $ 400, a Zippo lighter $ 225 and a $ 350 water bottle. They are just examples, not to mention that – once out of production – some products become unavailable and come resold online at exorbitant prices (the brick of which we have told you is at $ 499 on Ebay!).

So, although the price of the feature phone has not yet been announced, we leave the conclusions to you: how much will the new Supreme gadget cost?

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