From WRC 5 to WRC 8, the evolution of the saga thanks to Kylotton Games in a video

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When BigBen Interactive took the license of the World Rally Championship, he relied on a study to carry out the different proposals that have come from the saga WRC Kylotton Games It was the study chosen by the editor, a study that has become the motor games specialist and has been developing different episodes of the WRC saga from WRC 5 in 2015. There are several years, and several games that have been seeing the light, bringing changes in each of them. Now, we analyze how that road has been since WRC 5 to WRC 8, exposing The evolution of the saga through a video.

It has been Team VVV, the medium specialized in driving games, who have wanted to delve into this aspect in which they show the great evolution obtained in the saga. The continuity of a study in command of a license, providing continuous sequels, has allowed many sagas, sports especially, to evolve with a firm step and offer better games. Thanks to the following video, we can attend the evolution of WRC by the hand of Kylotton Games.

And in this very pragmatic way we find a spectacular work in the hands of a study that few trusted at the beginning. The saga has managed to implement many new features and strengthen them for their success. From WRC 5 to WRC 8, the evolution of the saga thanks to Kylotton Games is exposed in this video, which shows that, at least technically, the evolution is remarkable. But beyond that technical evolution, the gameplay or the game options, are aspects that have also been improving gradually.

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WRC 8 is offered as a really improved game, where there has been much talk about its spectacular staging, but also about those modes that have established the license. Their link with eSports has added mordant to rally fans, who not only enjoy that individual career in that way, but also accept the constant challenges offered each week through competitive multiplayer platforms. And, far from being a game in which the drivers face on the track, the essence of the rallies expose the competition against the stopwatch.

WRC 8 discovers its gameplay showing locations and dynamic meteorology

But the most obvious is its technical section. We can see that WRC 8 is a game that looks spectacular, above all, attending to the environmental occlusion related to the weather. A game that has just landed and is available on both Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and PC.

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