Furious will be the main character in the next Mad Max movie

by Kelvin
Furious will be the main character in the next Mad Max movie

George Miller has confirmed that he is working on a sequel to the frank mad max! This time, the Furious Empress will be the main character and the feature will tell her trajectory before her appearance in the last movie released in theaters. However, Charlize Theron will not represent the character again.

That’s because the story of the new release is a prelude and takes place before the events portrayed in Mad Max: Road of Fury. According to the director, the production considered rejuvenating the actress through digital computing. But in the end, they decided it would be better to hire a younger actress to portray the Empress.

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Max Max’s Prelude tells the trajectory of the Furious Empress

Although details of the script have yet to be revealed, we know that the director is looking for an actress in her mid-20s. Therefore, the film should focus on the character’s youth.


According to rumors, actress Anya Taylor-Joy, known for films like Fragmented and The witch, was already considered for the role and even participated in auditions. However, there is still no official cast confirmation.

Actress Charlize Theron posted a photo of director George Miller on her official page on Twitter, in which she wrote that she would be forever grateful for her role in mad max. With that, she gave her confirmation that she wouldn’t be among the big names in the cast.

Also according to Miller, the script was already planned since the production of Fury Road. The next plot details must be settled once the pandemic is brought under control so that casting and recording settings can begin.

Text written by Flávio Motta Coutinho via Nexperts.