Galaxy Bud +: find headphone tech sheet a week in the future

by Kelvin
Galaxy Bud +: find headphone tech sheet a week in the future

All technical details Galaxy Shoots + was leaked on the Internet thanks to the famous filter. The pair of headphones, expected next week at the Unpacked conference, is expected to benefit from several major improvements, including the batteries installed in each headphone. Its capacity increases and fast charging is more efficient. And that's not all.

Credit: Samsung


Next week will be the first major gathering of the year: Samsung unpacked conference earlier this year. This conference will take place on February 11 in San Francisco. Many products expected, including serial terminal Galaxy S20 Three models revealed by leaks: S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra. that Galaxy Z Flip, the second Korean smartphone with a folding screen, is also expected to appear. And accessories must complete this beautiful range: Galaxy Mini Home and Galaxy Sprouts +.

The existence of these new headphones, allegedly attacked by AirPods ProApple, was revealed several months ago. And his presence at next week's Unpacked conference is beyond question. However, a rumor in early January said that one of the expected improvements, active noise reduction, would finally not be on the show. So what's up? Evan Blass, the famous American leaker known by the pseudonym Evleaks, was revealed Twitter data sheet Galaxy shoots +. A sheet compared to the pair of headphones currently sold (see image below).

46% more battery

First, each headphone will be the same size as the previous one, but each one will be heavier 0.7 gram OR 6.3 gram. The reason for this small increase is the integration of higher capacity batteries, as previously suggested: it will go from 58 mAh to 85 mAh. Or a 46% increase. Samsung promises that the autonomy of the headphones to listen to music is 11 hours without charging, compared to 6 hours for Galaxy Classic shoots. The charging case (wireless charging is always supported) will have a slightly larger battery: 270 mAh, compared to 252 mAh. The battery life of the headphones will increase to 22 hours, including this additional capacity.

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Other improvements: faster charging will be more efficient. You will now need 3 minutes of charging to provide 60 minutes of listening to music. It takes 15 minutes for the previous generation to have 100 minutes. In terms of connectivity, Galaxy Buds + will still support Bluetooth 5.0, but can be paired with various devices. Noise reduction is always passive, but now there will be three microphones, not two. This new sensor will be exterior, indicating that active noise reduction is still possible (but with increasing loss of autonomy).

Samsung Galaxy Plus Buds Sheet Specifications

Four other little things remain to be discovered. First Galaxy Shoot + will two small speakers, one for bass and one for treble. So Galaxy Shoot + will compatible with Spotify with special commands activated from the touch screen. Then the app partners with these new headphones will be compatible with iOS (other than Android). Finally, two new colors are expected: blue and red. They will replace yellow and silver. Black and white are still used.

Source: Twitter

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