Galaxy Buds 2: leak brings details of Samsung’s launch

by Kelvin
Galaxy Buds 2: leak brings details of Samsung's launch

A leak revealed almost all the secrets surrounding wireless headphones Galaxy Buds 2, from Samsung. While performing data mining of an as-yet-unreleased official version of the South Korean’s accessory-oriented support app, Githun’s “ThePBone” profile uncovered details regarding the brand’s next new addition.

First of all, the audio device is a kind of hybrid of the Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds+. From the images, it can be seen that the new version has well-rounded shapes and that its matte colors, at least five in total, range from discreet black and white to green, yellow and purple. Only the two microphones are visible on their surfaces.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 supports noise cancellation, and now the function can even be used on just one of the earbuds. In addition, another novelty is to customize the touchpad control options individually (single, double and triple touches, for example) instead of enabling or disabling them all at once.


Substantial improvements (and some absences)

Also according to the analysis, it was noted the absence of spatial audio for a single component, volume adjustment by two external touches and setting for noise cancellation level, which makes the model inferior to the aforementioned Samsung Buds Pro , at least in some respects.

Anyway, the battery of each phone will be 61 mAh, as well as the charging case will have 472 mAh of capacity. The design also includes pins for fitting into the case and optical wear-detection sensors.

Unfortunately, release date and pricing were left out of the detailed app information. Samsung may unveil the new accessory on August 11, when it will make its next Unpacked.

With AKG-customized high-quality sound, active noise cancellation, faster pairing, up to 6 hours of out-of-the-case battery life, and customizable ringtones.