Galaxy Buds: they are much better than AirPods according to Consumer Reports

by Kelvin
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The Galaxy Buds are a much better choice than the AirPods according to Consumer Reports, the US equivalent of the UFC Que Choisir magazine. Consumer Reports experts criticize among other things the headphones ofApple their poor sound quality compared to those of its competitor Samsung, but also their less ergonomic shape and the choice of an "open" design that does not isolate external sounds.

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The Galaxy Buds from Samsung have the praise of Consumer Reports: they would – it's not really a surprise – a much better audio quality than the AirPods ofApple, yet currently market leaders. The choices of the Korean manufacturer in terms of design, especially the fact that they are closed headphones, discreet, with silicone tips to adapt to different morphologies of ear canals, are all arguments in favor of Galaxy Buds.

Consumer Reports prefers to recommend Galaxy Buds as the AirPods

The magazine also notes that the box of Galaxy Buds includes wireless charging – while you have to pay extra Apple. The Galaxy Buds also charge via a USB Type C port while AirPods need a proprietary Lightning cable. There is also the issue of the particularly limited controls of the AirPods compared to the touch controls available on the Galaxy Buds.

And Consumer Reports concludes: "The sound of Galaxy Buds is fantastic, well above what is heard through ordinary headphones. They are sold as standard with modern features like USB Type C, and wireless charging, and you do not need to push the volume up to cover the surrounding sounds. In general, they work better on iPhones than AirPods on Android devices. "

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The AirPods meanwhile "did not have a good enough score in our test to be rewarded with a Consumer Reports recommendation, but many people will find their sound perfectly acceptable." The Galaxy Buds are available between 120 and 150 euros, while AirPods are sold 136.58 for the old model and 179.99 for the new model without wireless charging box – or 229.99 for the version with the wireless charging case (compatible with AirPods 1 and 2 but sold separately for € 89.99).

Source: Consumer Reports

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