Galaxy Fold: canceled US preorders (again)

by Kelvin
Galaxy Fold: canceled US preorders (again)

Galaxy Fold: canceled US preorders (again) 2

The adventure seemed to have finally reached a turning point Samsung with the first folding smartphone in history, the Galaxy Fold, but obviously we were wrong. Defining the path to the market debut of this foldable has now become a euphemism: having announced (again) that the Galaxy Fold would have arrived today in South Korea and subsequently in some European countries (not in Italy, for now) and in the United States, now comes the news that Samsung has deleted all pre-orders of Galaxy Fold in USA.

Galaxy Fold: Samsung still takes time

To report it have been some users on Twitter. People who had pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Fold at the beginning of this year, after the initial announcement of the foldable, before all the problems came to light, but they had decided to keep it in place despite everything, trusting the South Korean giant and waiting patiently for the new leaflet to arrive definitely in their hands. But now these users have received an e-mail from Samsung that warns them that the pre-order has been canceled. In the email, Samsung confirms that the Galaxy Fold will arrive in the US in the coming weeks, redesigned and corrected, but also says that it will take time to "rethink the entire customer experience – from purchase to unpacking, to post-purchase service", in order to guarantee "the best possible experience with this revolutionary new technology" .


To make up for it, Samsung offered the unfortunate customers 250 euros credit to be used for the purchase of any product on its official store. Obviously it can also be used to order a new one Galaxy Fold, but you will be included in a new waiting list, while getting an interesting discount on what is the cost of this device, certainly not ridiculously low.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: launch calendar

Meanwhile, less than new ones behind the front, today, 6 September 2019, should be the day of the first official return of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, in Korea. The 18 September it will be the turn of theEurope, or better than France, Germany, Singapore and the United Kingdom). So, the foldable, if everything goes smooth, will come in United States the next 27 September.

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