Galaxy Fold economic: Samsung is working on it

by Kelvin
Galaxy Fold  economic: Samsung is working on it

Galaxy Fold  economic: Samsung is working on it 2

The foldable market cannot take off if device prices remain high, this is a fact. In fact, the cost of the first folding is – together with other objective obstacles – one of the factors that intrigues but keeps users away from this kind of smartphone. As already mentioned several times, it seems that Samsung this he knows well, so much so as to be at work on a Galaxy Fold less expensive and ready for the world market.

Galaxy Fold: will go better on the next round

The first fold of the Chinese company was launched twice: the first launch was a flop, the smartphone was not structurally ready to meet the public and showed its limits during the first tests, even before touching the shelves. At the second launch, the South Korean giant did things right by redesigning the device, implementing a special post-sales support service and even issuing "instructions for use". The marketing of the new Galaxy Fold it was though limited to a handful of markets and it seems that the situation is destined to remain unchanged.


In fact, according to recent reports, the foldable just (re) launched serves only to probe the ground: Samsung would be interested in measuring sales of the few units produced to understand what the user is interested in this kind of device. The first real worldwide launch of a leaflet seems that the South Korean giant will reserve it for next year, when there will be room for the second generation of Galaxy Fold, which should be more economic: it could take much less than € 2000 to buy one.

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