Galaxy Fold is launched in South Korea, but the competition is too much for little product

by Kelvin

THE Galaxy Fold Samsung was launched in South Korea earlier this month and people paid exorbitant prices to buy an imported handset. So if you are considering buying one of these handsets now, this article may convince you to reconsider this idea.

The first round of pre-sales sold out in a matter of minutes and, as usual, many people who were able to buy one are now retailers who bought the fold for 2.4 million won and are taking advantage of it. opportunity and selling them for 3 million won (just over £ 2,000).


But calm down, this price is not yet the highest price. These prices are getting more out of control in Honk Kong, with Forbes reporting that imported handsets are costing HK $ 38,000 – that's about £ 3,800.

Product x Consumer

The very high price is largely due to the scarcity of Galaxy Fold; apparently only 1,000 were released in South Korea; therefore, demand is high and thirsty technicians pay whatever the current rate, no matter how ridiculous.

THE Galaxy Fold 5G was released in the UK yesterday in a limited quantity and sells for £ 1,900 when purchased directly from Samsung, although online shopping does not appear to be an option on the site at the moment, with potential customers being directed to Samsung Experience Stores .

You can also go to Harrods or Selfridges, although the Fold is not yet appearing on any of these sites, and is also available in EE in four plans, ranging from £ 109 to £ 124 per month, with an initial cost of £ 50, 150 and 200.

EE still has stock by appearance, so if you want to risk a fold and trust that Samsung has fixed the many issues that have affected the device, you can go crazy.

But anyway, this is what happens when the capitalist market law is applied. The less product or more consumers, the higher the price. But there is also the extreme of this law… When there is a very small amount of the product, and there are a lot of consumers of this product, that means the price will go up in the clouds…


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