Galaxy Fold under torture: does the new hinge do its duty? (video)

by Kelvin

Finally the "new" Galaxy Fold is for sale, and for the occasion Zack, the channel's YouTuber JerryRigEverything, he managed to get one from Korea to test its resistance. The changes made to make will succeed Galaxy Fold a champion of resistance?

Spoiler: No, and it's not just the new zipper's fault. To start the test, Zack poured some powder on the phone (simulating a ride on the beach): here after the first fold dust has managed to get into the phone, going to "scratch" the inside during each bending.

Β Β 

And it is not the only problem: in addition to the poor scratch resistance (caused by the plastic material of the screen and the protective film), during the scratch test Zack accidentally impacted against the edge of the screen, going to completely destroy some pixel files. Not the best endurance in the world.

Surprisingly, where Galaxy Fold gave the best of himself is the bend test. Unlike the Royole Flexpai, a decline in the phone "contrary to the normal" did not lead to the destruction of the smartphone. Indeed, on the contrary: Galaxy Fold he managed to resist, and the screen was not damaged in any way.

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In conclusion, Galaxy Fold it's a smartphone extremely fragile and for this reason it is not suitable for everyone. It is more a style exercise than a smartphone to use daily for many years. We leave the video below, so you can get an idea of ​​the resistance.

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