Galaxy FoldPremier Service: VIP customer service

by Kelvin

Samsung Galaxy Fold It has just been announced a second time. This is a new, revised and corrected edition of the South Korean giant's first brochure. Those who decide to buy a device can take advantage First-class service, a certain type of after-sales assistance, which will offer a range of benefits even if it is not yet clear what it is about. Let's try to be clear.


Galaxy Fold and Premier Services

Samsung is aware of at least a number of factors: Its first fold has a story that begins in the worst way; anyone who decides to trust the terminal must invest around € 2000. For this reason, it is quite clear that the buyer is dedicated special after sales service.

Specifically, Premier Services will allow you to have help available, ready to solve smartphone problems, 24 hours a day. Users will be able to deal directly with customer service expertsBecause you will have the opportunity to dialogue with someone when you need it. Not only that, customers can also choose (it is optional, it could cost) to take advantage of some kind of initial lessons, which will guide users to find all the functions of Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Not clear yet how long Access to Premier Services will apply after the purchase of a folding South Korean giant. Of course, it will not be forever, we will be brave one or two years after the sale. We remind you that the device will arrive in Europe, but for now it has not been entered yet. Italy.

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