Galaxy Home Mini will be in test with Beta Version in South Korea

by Kelvin

We haven't seen the Samsung Smart Speaker yet Galaxy Home, equipped with Bixby, after being announced in 2018 at the talk of the Note 9. But Samsung seems to offer Korean fans the chance to try out the new device, the Galaxy Home Mini.

From today until September 1, Samsung offers fans in South Korea the chance to participate in the beta program of Galaxy Home Mini through its official website.


If candidates are accepted, we can only assume that they will receive the smart speaker before the full launch sometime later this year. It is still unclear if we will see the Galaxy Home Mini outside of South Korea, but we're sure fans will be happy to have a chance to pick one.

It is noteworthy that the Galaxy Full-size Home does not appear to have a beta program and this testing phase is limited to South Korea only at this stage. We heard that Samsung was preparing to launch the series Galaxy Larger home in the second half of this year.

Galaxy Home Mini

The design really looks very good. It closely follows the aesthetics of Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot. The soft touch fabric seems to dominate the small bulbous speaker.

When you translate the Korean landing page to beta, it looks like the Galaxy Home Mini comes with an infrared blaster to “control a variety of appliances”. Considering the sheer number of Samsung-made home appliances and technology, this could open a huge range of smart home automation, if done right.

We don't expect many of you to qualify for this beta program. Galaxy Home Mini, but if it is, you can subscribe here. Of course, the beta program won't be unlimited, so it's good to run and secure your spot.