Galaxy Note 10 has a great advantage over other flagships …


Samsung presents Galaxy Note 10 weeks ago, and the phone was exactly as we thought. We see a completely new design for this series. Notey, of course, the best for now. We've also updated the phone's internal components, and most of the specs are on par with what's available from the competition. Nevertheless, Note 10 has a pretty big advantage over other Android flagships, and it's one that might not be immediately obvious.

He Note 10 UFS 3.0 storage features same as OnePlus 7 and Galaxy Fold Unpublished Made by Samsung, UFS 3.0 flash memory is supposed to be significantly faster than UFS 2.1 that is included in the phone Galaxy S10 and other Android phones. But the latest tests show that storage Note 10 is even faster than OnePlus 7 and Galaxy Fold. And faster storage should contribute to faster overall performance.


The famous Samsung Ice Universe experts published the following storage benchmarks for Note 10, OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy Fold:

New discoveries, performance Note10 UFS3.0 Currently the most powerful, compared to OnePlus 7 Pro and Galaxy FoldWe discovered that much more than other phones in terms of Random Write and SQLite, Note10 can be determined to use the new File System.

– Ice universe (@UniverseIce) 11 August 2019

Let's look at the score, starting with Note 10:

Image Source: Twitter

This is OnePlus 7:

Image Source: Twitter

And here it is Galaxy Fold:

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see for yourself, Galaxy Note 10 easily outperforms the other two phones even though they have the same type of storage. Respond to threads Twitter, an user updated storage speed score for Galaxy S10, and the increase is very large:

Galaxy Note        10 has a great advantage over other Android flagships, and you may not notice 2 "width =" 589 "height =" 1210Image Source: Twitter

Storage published by different user points of reference for iPhone XS, which expresses sequential read and write speeds equivalent to Note 10.

Galaxy Note        10 has a huge advantage over other Android flagships, and you might not realize it 3Image Source: Twitter

This says a lot not only about Samsung UFS 3.0 storage and other tricks that Samsung has done to increase storage speed, but also about the storage speed that has been available on the iPhone for a while now.

Image source: Jacob Siegal / BGR