Galaxy Note 10 (+) in Hands-On: Samsung's Stylus smartphone comes in a double pack

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Galaxy Note 10(+) im Hands-On: Samsungs Stylus-Smartphone kommt im Doppelpack

tl; dr: The Galaxy Note 10 comes in two sizes for the first time: 6.3 inches and 6.8 inches. The full equipment is only available for the big model. Nevertheless, both smartphones are again high-end devices. The S Pen can now be used more extensively as a remote control. The starting price is 949 euros, planned market launch is the 23rd of August.

After Galaxy-S10 series (test), Samsung also lays the Galaxy Note in several sizes. The Galaxy Note 10 comes with a 6.3-inch display and is smaller than the old housing dimensions Galaxy Note 2nd top model is that Galaxy Note 10+, which in the areas of display, camera, battery and memory expansion better features than the normal Galaxy Note 10 offers. This suggests a little that Samsung wants to create an incentive to buy the larger model, which starts at 1099 euros, while the normal Galaxy Note 10 at 949 euros and thus costs 50 euros less than last year 's basic model of Galaxy Note 9th


Technical specifications at a glance

Square design for the Galaxy Note 10

Apart from questions about the pricing and the potential intension in the sale of expensive models by Samsung, the manufacturer sends the Galaxy Note 10 again as a high-end smartphone on the market, which improved at first glance the impression of a certain points Galaxy S10 + with stylus leaves. In fact, Samsung has for this year's generation Galaxy Note in several areas changes compared to Galaxy-S10 series made.

That starts with the design, which is clearly the current one GalaxyFamily is to be assigned, with even thinner edges and a straight completion of the head and foot but quite their own way goes. Both new smartphones are completely symmetrical, with the exception of the buttons, so that the curved front and back glass of the same length strikes the side frame, which now only has volume and on / off buttons on the left side. The right side remains empty, the power button has thus wandered into the Bixby button, but the voice assistant plays only a minor role. Primarily, the button is now an on and off switch, as well as a double press to activate the camera.

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The colors are Aura Glow, Aura Black, Aura White and Aura Pink, but there will not be every variation in every color. Aura White is the Galaxy Note 10+ reserved, Aura Pink will only be available at Galaxy Note Give 10. The other two colors are planned for both variants.

Memory extension only when large Note 10

In the head of the smartphone sits the drawer of the SIM and the Galaxy Note 10+ also the memory card. Because here Samsung takes the first distinction between the two variants. Only the big one Galaxy Note 10+ comes with microSD slot, but both smartphones support dual SIM, this being small Galaxy Note 10 is always possible and the larger only if you do not use a memory card (hybrid slot). At the foot of one of the two speakers sits the USB Type-C socket, a headphone jack is no longer there, instead are the smartphones now equipped by AKG headphones with USB Type C at.

The new S Pen comes with gesture control

The unique selling point of the Galaxy-NoteUsers also find at the bottom of the 10-series: the S Pen. Samsung's stylus is like the Galaxy Note 9 (test) via Bluetooth to the smartphone and can be used not only directly above the display as a stylus, but also up to 10 meters away as a remote control. For the Galaxy Note 10 adds a gesture control called S Pen Air Actions, whose movements with the S Pen are reminiscent of handling a little wand. With stylus gestures in the air, the user can remotely switch between the lenses of the camera, change the photo mode or control the zoom. While Samsung is focused on the functions of the camera in the gesture control, an open API should ensure that other app developers can also access the gyroscope in the stylus.

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Galaxy-S10 camera with better telephoto and ToF sensor

Speaking of camera: In this point, Samsung is strongly based on the Galaxy-S10 series and takes over the triple lens layout from wide angle with 12 megapixels, ultra wide angle with 16 megapixels and tele with again 12 megapixels. With the telephoto lens, however, Samsung has improved the aperture from f / 2.4 to f / 2.1, so that more light is captured at the same ISO value and the same exposure time. This measure is likely to make the telephoto lens a bit more robust, especially when used at night. Exclusively that Galaxy Note 10+ wears the time-of-flight camera on the back with the Galaxy S10 5G had been introduced. The ToF camera with VGA resolution captures depth information more accurately than is possible via the parallax of the lenses. In addition, objects of the real world can be measured. The front camera is now centrally located in the display and supports ultra HD video recording.

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Videos with live focus and directional microphone

New for the camera is a video mode with Live Focus, so Samsung calls the bokeh effect of the camera, which is now not only for photos, but also videos usable. This means that users can activate a depth-of-field when recording videos, which can also be adjusted in several levels with regard to the intensity and the background effect. Live Focus videos are in the Camera app a separate mode separate from the normal video mode, which works again in up to Ultra HD with 60 FPS and HDR10 +. Also new for video recording is a zoom microphone on the back, which can be used in 2 × and 4 × to focus the audio recording on the zoomed area.

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