Galaxy Note 10+, Samsung's flagship refines the details

by Kelvin

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ promises to be one of the smartphones star of the end of 2019, and the South Korean brand has presented it in the middle of the summer to get ahead of its rivals. In these first impressions With the terminal we will see what the new model offers us.

Before talking about what the Galaxy Note 10+ (and there are many things), we must point out that dispenses with the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Samsung has been one of the brands that has kept it longer, but in the end it has succumbed to the tendency to dispense with the connector to save valuable interior space.


So we will listen to the music via Bluetooth or using headphones through the USB-C port, whether they have that connector natively or through a 3.5 mm jack adapter.

The Galaxy Note 10 standard does not have a microSD slot, but in the Note 10+ is still preserved. To the 256 GB or 512 GB of the smartphone we can add up to 2 TB via a memory card.

Two sizes: large or very large

Image - First impressions: Galaxy Note  10+, Samsung's flagship refines the details

Since the generation of Galaxy S7 in 2016, Samsung launches that range with two screen sizes, but in the case of Galaxy Note, it is the first time that two variants are offered.

Probably, the reason is the considerable size of the Galaxy Note 10+ that concerns us, with a 6.8 inch screen. Despite having reduced the bevels to the maximum, we talked about 16.2 x 7.72 x 0.76 cm in size and a weight of 196 g, important figures.

Whoever demands the most from a smartphone, will want the top version, but the Galaxy Note 10 offers features that do not fall far behind in 6.3 inches, giving up only the fourth camera, less battery and reducing RAM and storage (which are still very high).

Although the Galaxy Note 10 is large, it is reasonably convenient to use it with one hand. In the case of Galaxy Note 10+ this is complicated, although it is not your priority focus, since using the S Pen will always require both hands.

Regarding the finishes, the feeling offered is very good, as you would expect from a premium smartphone, and the grip adapts quite naturally. The terminal will be sold in white (Aura White), black (Aura Black) and in the attractive Aura Glow, a silver that reflects rainbow tones depending on how the light impacts.

First level hardware

Image - First impressions: Galaxy Note  10+, Samsung's flagship refines the details

We have already presented you in detail the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, and there we delve into their Specifications. First impressions, after testing the terminal for a short period, do not allow you to assess performance, but at least we must mention its powerful hardware:

  1. Samsung Exynos 9825 8-core processor, manufactured at 7 nm.
  2. 12 GB of RAM
  3. 256 GB or 512 GB of storage.
  4. 4,300 mAh battery with 45 W charging and reverse wireless charging.

With this hardware, what you expect is a excellent performance, and during our first impressions we tried Call of Duty: Mobile, which was fluid and had colorful graphics.

Samsung has mounted a steam chamber for cooling, which hardly affected the thickness, because the Galaxy Note 10+ stays below 8 mm.

4 cameras, including a Time-of-Flight sensor

Image - First impressions: Galaxy Note  10+, Samsung's flagship refines the details

Samsung has chosen a combination of 4 rear cameras which has been standardized in the premium range, allowing very high quality photos in disparate conditions. Let's see the sensors included:

  1. 12 MP f / 2.4 or f / 1.5 OIS angular 77º as main camera.
  2. 16 MP f / 2.2 ultra wide angle of 123º.
  3. 12 MP f / 2.1 with 45º angle as zoom.
  4. ToF (Time-of-Flight) VGA f / 1.4 sensor with 72º angle for depth.

The quality of the photos there was no time to prove it in these first impressions, but the layout of the rear cameras, placed in a vertical row in the upper left area.

It is an arrangement reminiscent of the Huawei P30 Pro, and it definitely seems more successful aesthetically than placing the cameras horizontally.

S Pen and Bixby on the power button

Image - First impressions: Galaxy Note  10+, Samsung's flagship refines the details

A change at the design level is that there is no button dedicated to the voice assistant Bixby in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, but opens when you press and hold the unlock / power button.

It is an interesting solution, but that requires relocating the Android shutdown and restart menu. We will access it if we press and hold both the power off + volume down buttons for a moment, and a shortcut also appears when the notification bar is displayed.

The S Pen touch pen, which in the previous generation has already won a small battery, now reaches 10 hours of autonomy. It also incorporates motion gestures (a bit like the Nintendo Wii) to control the camera. These are the actions that allow:

  1. Switch between the rear and front camera with a vertical gesture.
  2. Switch between camera modes with a horizontal gesture.
  3. Zoom in by drawing a circle in the air.

At least at first, the zoom gesture seemed somewhat complicated. It may be a matter of picking up the trick, or requiring an update, but it was not as intuitive as the others.

Selfie camera embedded and centered

The selfie camera from Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is from 10 MP, with f / 2.2 aperture and an angle of 80º. The exact results can not be assessed in first impressions, although it is striking that we have a single front sensor, compared to the two of the Galaxy S10 +.

Again, the selfie camera goes embedded in a screen hole, which is a little smaller and should be less noticeable … but being placed in the upper central part, it becomes more visible.

Image - First impressions: Galaxy Note  10+, Samsung's flagship refines the details

On the one hand, the front of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ wins in symmetry, but the feeling of having something "in the middle of the screen" increases, so it is a design decision that will please more or less depending on the taste of each one.

Of course, we have an excellent screen Dynamic AMOLED, extremely sharp for its resolution of 3,040 x 1,440 pixels, and that even supports HDR10 + color. The fingerprint reader is placed under the panel, and Samsung claims that artificial intelligence will make recognition faster and more reliable as we use it more.

We are facing a first-level smartphone, no doubt, but also with a high price, and that should be measured against "giants" such as the next iPhone, the Huawei Mate 30 or the Google Pixel 4, which anticipates a very interesting competition for the user.

The conclusion behind these first impressions is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is a great terminal, with improvements that refine a formula that already worked very well. We will have to test it thoroughly in the review to properly assess the cameras, battery and performance, but this contact has generated good feelings.

What do you think of you Galaxy Note 10+ Do you think Samsung's new flagship will meet expectations?

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