Galaxy Note 10+ will it withstand falls well? (video)

by admin-kervin
Galaxy Note  10+ will it withstand falls well? (video) 1

The new Galaxy Note 10+ has both in front and behind a beautiful Glass 6 gorilla glass, probably the same as the iPhone XS Max. The drop resistance of these two smartphones should be about the same, then, right? PhoneBuff try to give us an answer.

In drop test conducted by PhoneBuff have been compared a Galaxy Note 10+ and an iPhone XS Max in three different conditions: fall on the back, on edge and on screen. The results?

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On a scale up to 40, PhoneBuff gave a 37 a Note 10+, while iPhone XS Max had stopped at 34. Very similar values therefore, as proof that we have very resistant smartphones in front of us. If you are not afraid of seeing more than € 2,000 drop on the concrete, we leave you at the drop test in the video below.

Via: 9to5Mac


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