Galaxy Note Samsung 10 will also come with “Link To Windows"

by Kelvin

Samsung has strengthened its Link to Windows during its event a few weeks ago, and while the functionality was expected to be filtered out for some older phones, an unofficial APK is available to download now. The feature allows your device's DeX mode Galaxy Note 10 runs on a PC with Windows or Mac, and you can access the feature now, before the release of Note 10th on August 23rd.

But to run this function, your phone already needs to support DeX, and you will also need to follow a link to download APKMirror APK. You also need to download the Your Phone Companion app from Google Play Store. Here is a summary of how to do the procedure.


Step by step

Once you have both, your phone add-on will magically disappear from the app drawer, but if you go back to the Play Store, it will appear as installed even though there is no “open” button. You'll know it worked.

Once you get here, swipe down on the screen and touch the dots in the upper right corner, then click on “button order” and, when that's OK, you'll see a “Link to Windows”That you can add to your control center, just login and follow the instructions.

You can find the full summary of how to link to Windows Running on your Samsung device very easy on internet sites. So far this seems to be working on the S10 + and Note 9

The function itself may not be as popular as many others out there. But it is still quite useful for certain people who have some specific needs. So it's always nice to know that this function will be available also with the Brand flagship, the Note 10


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